Author Topic: Dating Someone na Hindi Pinoy --- Share Experiences  (Read 116586 times)


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Re: Dating Someone na Hindi Pinoy --- Share Experiences
« Reply #600 on: May 01, 2019, 04:05:13 pm »

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Re: Dating Someone na Hindi Pinoy --- Share Experiences
« Reply #601 on: June 10, 2019, 09:28:51 am »
Here are 5 factors that will help you achieve the best results for the first time.

Be yourself
Prepare the topic at the first date
Give her sincere compliments
Go to a place with a high interaction during the first date
Delay 1 time

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Re: Dating Someone na Hindi Pinoy --- Share Experiences
« Reply #602 on: June 19, 2019, 09:25:12 am »
I dated a foreigner before but, we're simply not matched. Sa ugali pa lang sobrang layo ng mga interest namin, he's cute outside but inside he is not cute. Good thing nakita ko yung early signs na short tempered syang tao. Thank goodness! God is good!
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Re: Dating Someone na Hindi Pinoy --- Share Experiences
« Reply #603 on: March 19, 2020, 12:57:21 am »
Currently dating a Korean guy for 9 months already. I can say na he is totally different from other guys I have dated, both Filipinos and a foreigner (an American).  LOL, I promised pa naman to myself before na I would never ever date a Korean guy kasi I handle Korean students and I know culture nila.  :-X

Before we met each other personally, nag ispend talaga sya ng time para magkausap kami. We chat very often and we do voice call everyday. Yung video call mga 2~3 hours four times a week, pag off ko and off nya. He is staying in Australia and 3 hours ang time difference namin so 12 A.M. ako nakakauwi and 3 A.M. na sa kanila pero inaantay nya talaga ako, or iidlip muna siya then he will wake up pag nakauwi na ko.

Came December 2019, he went here sa PH and we spent a week together. We rented an AirBnb and wala talaga akong masabi. Prinsesa turing sakin, hindi dahil sa pera pero dahil sa effort. I admit before sya mag punta dito, I was not that in love with him, pero very faithful naman ako. He loves me more nung panahon na yun. Pero dahil siguro na feel ko sa kanya yung totoong love and care na dapat binibigay sa babae, nahulog ako nang husto. Iba mag alaga. Sobrang bait pa. I know it myself that I want to be with him for the rest of my life.

Now, ok ok naman kami pero since I am investing too much emotions now, I always find myself wondering, what's gonna happen to us? He is the same naman, we always talk, he always exert effort. I asked him ano mangyayari sa future namin? It's so difficult na magkahiwalay. I don't think I can live apart from him for too long. Pero we are young pa, 25 siya, 22 ako, no stable jobs pa and trying to reach our goals pa at this age. Pero I just want to be with him. He said he wants din naman pero we have yet to see kasi he still doesn't know if he will stay in AU permanently or he'll go back to Korea.

Minsan napapaisip ko if he spends time with other girls. Or if he chats other girls. Minsan bigla nalang ako napapaisip ng negative thoughts. Same naman kami halos ng ugali, kalog kami parehas, super dami namin similarities. Pero of course, may cultural differences like hoesik (company dinner). If you girls watch Korean dramas, may parts lagi na nagiinuman yung co-workers and bawal humindi kapag niyaya ng boss. It's true. Kapag humindi ka, most probabably i power trip ka ng boss mo. My bf isn't really into drinking but he has to do it. Inis na inis ako sa ganun, kasi personality ko is kapag ayoko, ayoko, hindi mo ko mapipilit. Pero hindi kasi pwede ganun sa culture nila. Isa pang difference is I like planning things out pero siya kasi hindi ganun.

Hay ewan anyways nasali ko lang yung last paragraph. Ayun, love ko naman siya pero I don't know saan kami dadalhin ng tadhana. If ever we break up, I'm sure I'm gonna get hurt so much. Plan namin magkita this May kasi birthday ko pero ewan ko pa if tuloy dahil sa Covid-19. :(
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Re: Dating Someone na Hindi Pinoy --- Share Experiences
« Reply #604 on: May 26, 2020, 01:14:21 pm »
I am muslim pinoy. my family does not object me date men other religion but say marriage must be to a muslim person. I am currently date Irish Christian man for six months that is aware of family feeling.

we both understand it is casual relationship and can't be permanent. we enjoy each other with this understanding


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