Author Topic: CASH or GIFT?  (Read 57601 times)


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For our wedding invitation, we simply put this:

Your presence is the best gift we can hope to receive.

In our wedding website, we had a link to our online gift registry, which included a honeymoon fund and a variety of items with different price points. For the registry link, we specified that we still did not want gifts, but compiled a registry for those who have asked anyway. In our case, we had quite a handful of people ask us what they could possibly give us even if we insisted it was not necessary. So to help them (and ensure we do not receive duplicate gifts), we did a registry.

The fun thing about an online registry is that if guests purchase a gift there -- the gift gets shipped to our home directly (no need for guests or us to carry). Note we are US-based though, so not sure if there is something like this in the Philippines.


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They usually would have gift registry nowadays...


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Money will be a great help and start for people who have just entered into a marriage. Gifts given on a wedding are often meaningless and useless, eventually thrown away. Can you imagine a couple who just got married without any financial support? The last money which they had were spent on the wedding ceremony. If the guests won?t give a hand, then the couple is going to face huge financial difficulties. I advise all to help the newly wed with an amount of money which will go into their family budget. In case you really want to make a useful gift for them then order online a basket from These baskets are better than any of your wonderful ideas like picture frame, vases or dishes.


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