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Clothes ripping addition
« on: April 09, 2020, 10:21:23 pm »
Hi girls new to this forum so be nice.

Wondering if you can help so before this virus happened my boyfriend left his phone out (not worried about cheating) was more for fun looking at his porn collection which I came across somthing tad bizare.

He had a lot of videos of women ripping clothes off (I.e silk/satin) lingerie ect) I don?t know if I was more like wtf or intrieged.

As we don?t live together and this virus has been making me go bad with Bordem it came back on my mind again what?s the kink/enjoyment out of it so I thought hell with it I?ll try it for myself and see what it is.

My god was I shocked, so as I was in the mood for some me time I would try incorporate this in, while having ?me time? I ripped up one of my satin nighties and honestly it was the weirdest yet most enjoyable thing I?ve done in a while but I?m unsure if this ?fetish? would look on being wrong or taboo has anyone else had this experience or somthing like it as it worries me if it may look slightly wrong.


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