Author Topic: Your most recent purchase for your pet/s (Thread 2)  (Read 44892 times)

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Re: Your most recent purchase for your pet/s (Thread 2)
« Reply #280 on: May 20, 2020, 05:08:32 pm »
I recently decided to buy a wheel for my chinchilla. I didn't know that 14 inches would be a huge wheel, in my imagination it wasn't so big. Actually I bought a chinchilla since it's not difficult to take care of. However, the wheel is for the physical activity of chinchillas since they need to maintain a muscle tone. By the way, I bought a running wheel from the sturdy materials because the plastic wheels won't be enough for a long period. Sometimes I put my chinchilla out of the cage and give some free-running time, especially when I come at home after a job. What's your pets, guys?
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