Author Topic: Any Ex-Vegetarians? What made you give up the vegetarian way of life?  (Read 1985 times)


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Hi Girltalkers!

I was a vegetarian for three years (from year 2003 to 2006). At first I felt good, then my health began to deteriorate and I started feeling weak. I thought I was just detoxing but to make a long story short, I felt better when I started eating meat again.

Today, I follow the paleolithic way of eating which is still vegetable based but includes healthy meats and fats and I feel better. This thread is not to bash vegetarianism -- all of us are different and some people thrive on a pure plant based diet. Others cannoth thrive. But I think this would be a good thread to support people who are going back to eating meat.

So I'd like to know, for ex-vegetarians, what made you go back to meat?


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Re: Any Ex-Vegetarians? What made you give up the vegetarian way of life?
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ang try ako nyan sis almost 1 year or more than 1 year ata yun..totoo manghihina ka kc wala ng meat intake althou meron nagsasabi substitute the meat protein like soya etc..but still iba pa din ang meat protein..I decided to go back kc nag sawa na taste bud ko na puro lettuces or some people call it " damo" parang wala mauuta ka kc eh dahil di tayo kc sanay ng ganun. tapos mga kasabayan mo pa kakain eh iba sa kinakain mo.
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