Author Topic: Manila rubbish changes the face of London style--and the lives of Smokey Mountai  (Read 7876 times)

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Manila rubbish changes the face of London style--and the lives of Smokey Mountain residents
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There were numerous other hazards. Putrid smoke seeped from the pile and residents had to step over broken glass and medical waste ? one woman even said she stumbled on aborted fetuses among the rubbish. Researchers who studied the dump found dangerous levels of cancer-causing dioxins in the soil and heavy metals in the metabolisms of children working there. People reported the afflictions common to dump life worldwide: diarrhoea, headaches, chest and stomach pain, typhoid, and irritation of the skin, nose and eyes.

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It is grimy and there is an awful stench. I know there are terrible infections that I can get here. I fear being cut by broken containers,buy university assignment - Assignmenthelp247  nails or syringes. There are a few men who go round beating individuals with bottles when they are smashed."


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I think it would be good if they were made from new materials. minecraft classic


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Thanks for the great feedback.
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