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Day Care Questions
« on: February 03, 2021, 11:08:14 pm »
Hi Parents! I?m a soon to be parent (soon might be a misnomer, I?m still in my first trimester), but I have a question about day care. I live in a big urban city along with my husband. Previous to today, I was going to continue working and he was going to work freelance and part time and do most of the childcare while also having my parents and occasional neighbor help do the rest. However, today he got a offer to good to turn down and will probably work full time in office starting after the baby is born.

My questions are,

How soon is too soon to put the baby on a waitlist? My work has a day care but it only takes 24 children under 2 years. Should I just put the in utero soon to be person on now? ( the application says it?s okay... but also asks for the child?s name. This child has no name)

What should I look for in a day care? I know I should look for the hours open, whether the day care serves food and child to teacher ratio... but is there anything non obvious I should look for?

Should the day care be near work or home? My home and work are about 50 minutes away from each other. My husband will be working closer to downtown and will have about a 20-30 minute commute. We both work in the largest city but live in the neighboring somewhat suburb ( which definitely doesn?t feel like a suburb)

Thanks for reading! Of my friends that are local, we are the first ones to have children... so no one to ask for advice.


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