Author Topic: Highschools with reasonable fees and good education in Mandaluyong /North Makati  (Read 2135 times)


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Hi all,
  I have my 15 year old daughter heading to grade 9, and my 13 year old daughter heading to grade 8 next year.

We are currently enrolled in Haven Montessori in Guadalupe, however are finding the commute difficult (A few other issues, but mainly transportation, and a bit of bullying at Haven Montessori)

I can maintain them at Haven, however thought I would look for something a bit easier to access. Their grades are both very good at the moment, and have increased well over the year, so I do not want any backwards progressions.

Can anyone recommend another GOOD high school, with nice security to prevent kids wandering outside the school grounds, and a great education system, good teacher to student ratio, and reasonable tuition fees (Under 50,000php per year for each student preferred).

We live near Barangka drive in Mandaluyong, so somewhere reasonably accessible would be preferred, and if it has a school service I would be forever grateful!!!

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These high schools have good fees, and I will send my kids to these schools, for sure. I am one of the top assignment writers australia, so I can afford these fees easily. I can't afford the expensive fees of private schools.


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