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Author Topic: NGO Calamity Charity Philippines - BAMBOO SHELTERS TYPHOON VICTIMS  (Read 4535 times)


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Good day Female Network Ladies and Gentlemen,

We created few bamboo based houses, shelters to help Typhoon victims in Philippines. This shelters are made out of ENGINEERED BAMBOO, easy and quick to build up, cheap but strong and safe, comfortable. We do this as an NGO of the 21st century transparent and audited to help the people.

Farming of Bamboo can be a very good channel for Philippines, see the success of the multi billion Bamboo business in China.
We promote the sustainable bamboo farming, the fastest growing wood substitute, we foresee a bright future in this crop of low intensive work.

To make our mission possible we need now to be registered as NGO in Switzerland as Humanitarian Shelter Solutions and in Philippines as NGO Calamity Charity.

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To support and make our mission possible, please visit and like our Facebook page Calamity Charity Philippines and to donate and support go to this link.

Thank you very much to help us grow a sleeping Bamboo industry in Philippines and help vicitms of Typhoons with good and decent shelters.


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