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Not changing last name
« on: May 23, 2023, 07:33:43 pm »
My fianc? (26M) and I (26F) just got engaged a few weeks ago and have started discussing some of the details for what we want. I guess neither of us had thought to talk about what we?d be doing with last names when we go married. I?ve always thought I would keep my name. It?s special to me and very rare so I don?t want to give it up . We got into an argument about it because he thought I would be changing it to his. He?s very adamant that he wants me to take his last name. I feel strongly that I?m keeping mine. Neither of us is willing to change our opinion on it. Anyone else dealing with something similar? Or have any advice? I just didn?t realize it was going to become such a big disagreement.
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