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Author Topic: Ladies, let's talk about women's sports  (Read 66 times)


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Ladies, let's talk about women's sports
« on: May 22, 2023, 08:12:04 pm »
I really think I've gained some insight on how many people think about women's sports. I guess you see it all the time here on reddit, but it's much more poignant when you come across it in real life. Anyway, here's what gave me some insight:

Throwaway because my boyfriend will make fun of me if he sees this in my history .

I'm a college aged girl at a large university. My boyfriend plays D1 college soccer here and he's apparently pretty good. His attitudes towards women's sports, however, aren't good at all. Anytime I'm watching women's soccer on TV (women's world cup, stuff like that) he has to be a dick about it. He say's stuff like "why would I watch teams where I would be the best player" or "Abby Wambach is literally worse than the worst MLS player". The worst part is I think he's serious. He says it in a joking manner, but I think he actually believes that junk. His argument is that men are just naturally better at sports and that the professional women are just "too slow and too weak" to even play with college guys. So why bother watching women play sports at all?

I'm not here to argue about if he's right or not, but this seems to be a very mainstream opinion. This might be why women's sports isn't more popular among the general population, not to mention that female athletes can barely make a living compared to their male counterparts.
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