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Author Topic: Has anyone struggled to let go of a bad relationship after breaking up and felt  (Read 63 times)


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I?m struggling to completely let go of a relationship that I know deep down was not good for me. Toxic, some might say. Red flags everywhere early on. For this post, I?d like for us to reflect on our own past relationships that were bad, unhealthy, or toxic yet were difficult to let go and led us to feel even worse about ourselves. This way, the question doesn?t have to be specific to the issues in just my own relationship . Has anyone learned why this happens? Why is it that we know that person is bad for us, but we still care and think about them? Is it something deeply wrong with our perception of our own self-esteem or worth, or a sign of depression? I?m just getting frustrated at myself and ashamed that I know he posed a threat to me yet I?m unable to move on like flipping a switch. Thank you.
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