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Author Topic: NWORLD: Korean Beauty Products for Distributorship  (Read 2875 times)


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NWORLD: Korean Beauty Products for Distributorship
« on: October 19, 2017, 07:09:55 pm »
Good Day Everyone,

I am currently a distributor for NWorld products.

Also, I have an opportunity for everyone to distribute Nlighten, Nhance, Nchant, Nbody - Korean Beauty Products here in the Philippines and in Dubai  :)

We have free product demo so that you can see the effectiveness of the product and we have videos for each product you are interested in  :D

You can earn up to 180k! a week  :D

For anyone who would like to purchase a distributors package will get the following benefits:

1. 25% Lifetime Discounts on all products
2. Get P100,000 Annual Accident Insurance Policy
3. Company I.D. Card - includes the NTC Number and Picture
4. Marketing Tools - Various tools available for client presentations and business consultation
5. Free Trainings - Regular schedules of product and business orientation
6. Online Account - Monitor your sales & income online on your mobile phone via NWorld App
7. Business - Own a flexible business, part time or full time. Exciting!

You can see the company here on their website:
(The company just started 2 years ago but now is the leader of the business)

If you are interested to buy or be a distributor you can see my boyfriends page:

or contact us in the number-  Contact No: 0927-478-5318 (Vanesa Soriano)

Thank You.  ;D
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