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Taking photos of private messenger conversation
« on: April 20, 2021, 01:26:31 am »
Hello lawyer friends,

I just want to ask if the data privacy act covers incidents like someone from your work had taken screenshot pictures of your private messenger account that you accidentally left open while using the office laptop.  The messenger had been opened because the person was making an office report and other colleagues sent some office data in the messenger instead of the email. 

Diba kapag hindi mo nalogout ang messenger any convo you might have even if you are using another device na would be syncronized kung saan naka open ang account.  Anyhow, paano kung someone from the office with malicious intent had deliberately taken screenshots of the private  messages between that person and a friend nung nakita nya na hindi pala na-logout because there were convos that included ranting about this person and some injustices in the work place saka of course yung mga tipong usap at chika between close friends na no holds bar pagnaglalabas ng sama ng loob even to the point of making fun of people sometimes.

Anyhow this other person after taking screenshots then sent the screenshots to the bosses and nareprimand un may ari ng account. My friend consulted a lawyer and said the work place cannot use anything in the convo against them as it was obtained illegally. However the office bosses has protected the culprit who took the screenshots. May incident pa na yung isa sa mga boss ay binasa ang content ng convo in front of the whole office during a meeting. Public property daw kasi ang laptop sabi nung iboss na yon kaya kinampihan ang salarin. Pero ang fb account is private diba. This person even backtracked taking screenshots of conversations dating 2 or 3 years actually baka more pa.

So these two people in the private conversations in messenger were reprimanded pero hindi hinaharap yung nag screenshot.  Hindi rin nila nilalabas yung sinasabi nila na evidence when my friend wrote the office requesting that they show her the screenshots and whoever distributed it and received it. Alam nila kung sino may gawa pero pinagtatakpan.

Ano ang pwede gawin or case na pwede ifile to hold the culprit liable? How can the office be forced na ilabas ang evidence? Can an admin case be filed against the one who took the screenshot and the one who read the content in public? Pareho sila govt employee and professionals with prc license in fact.


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Re: Taking photos of private messenger conversation
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2021, 09:54:49 am »
not a lawyer pero nangyari sa office namin na ganito. may gc sila and they were backstabbing the boss. they were fired. ang pagkakaalam ko, may lawyer yung tinanggal pero nagsettle din sila. lesson learned na lang po sa mga nakikipag-chat during office hours and using office equipments. wala talaga kayong laban dahil you are paid to work, and ginamit pa yung office equipments for personal use (messenger). even if may malicious intent yung nagsumbong, i think may right sya dahil again, nasa professional environment kayo doing unprofessional stuff and talagang pproktektahan sya ng mga boss. you are paid to work and not to gossip. do it during breaktime or after office hours. mas maganda kung personal. hindi pwedeng ilaban ang invasion of privacy dahil everything you do during office hours using the office equipments are property of the office na. so best talaga to use your phones instead of office laptops pag mag-chat. never use office laptops for personal use na lang. meron din ako kakilala sa office namin na tinanggal dahil nag-dl ng movie using her laptop. the company has every right on everything that is on the laptop lalo na pag ginamit for personal use.

*addtl: yung nag-dl ng movie sa laptop nya, nasa bahay sya, not using the office net and off nya nun. although sa pagkaka-alam ko, may personalan na din na nangyari, she was still fired dahil ginamit ang laptop for personal use. kaya after nyan, never na ko talaga nag open ng mga personal accounts sa pc namin. hahaha! IT can also backtrack lahat ng sites na vinisit nyo using the company's network. so paranoid na kung paranoid pero ako talaga, i keep my pc professional and sa phone na lang lagi pag personal use.
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