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Need help for weight loss meal plan/prep
« on: February 11, 2021, 08:53:54 pm »
Hi, I'm trying to drastically change my diet in order to lose weight, but I have no clue on exactly what I should be eating that will fit within a specific amount of calories. I'd really appreciate it if you could please take the time, and suggest foods that I should purchase, recipes, as well as how to cook them, and basically provide me a meal plan for a day's worth of meals?

I'm a chubby 22 year old, with a height of 5'5, weighing 90kg, and I've been living an extremely sedentary and lifestyle over the past six years, since finishing high school.

I've checked my TDEE and it says I'd need to eat around 1700 calories or less. However, upon checking some websites for meal plans that fit the criteria, they usually tend to suggest different sort of meals for each day, which seems like a bit of a hassle for me. What I'd like to know is, could I eat the same meal everyday of the week, or would I need to switch it up everyday, as those sites suggest I do? I understand I may need to change some things, eventually, upon reaching my goal, but I'm sure I could still get there by eating the same thing, wouldn't I?

For my newer and healthier diet, as well as wanting it to provide all the essential nutrients I'd need, I'd like for it to be easy and simple to prepare and make. I'd like to be able to cook a whole week's worth of the same food (or however, and whatever, you'd recommend), that I could store in the fridge, and then eat routinely. Aside from the main meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if there's anything I should also consider eating in between them as a snack, please suggest so.

I'm not a picky eater and will be willing to eat anything (except for pork) as long as it keeps me healthy and puts me on a balanced diet.

I do plan on getting fitter by doing exercise and joining the gym soon, but for now, I'd like to prioritise on changing my diet first, and get that right before doing so.

In terms how I should cook these meals. Please take into consideration that my oven doesn't work for the time being. However I do have a normal gas cooker, as well as an electric grill/griddle, so please suggest how I should cook the meals, based on that.

My normal diet isn't very healthy and will usually consist of, firstly, (If I don't skip breakfast) a bowl or two of Honey Nut Cheerios with whole milk; and, secondly, for lunch, I'd eat large portions (a plate full) of white basmati rice with beef curry, that's very oily and spicy, and sometimes cooked with potatoes. For dinner, it'd be the same curry and rice, but If I'm still hungry, I'd also eat a bowl of Cheerios. I usually tend to eat dinner before going to sleep, which isn't really a good idea, especially with what I eat. It usually gives me flatulence, and doesn't feel good when I wake up, either. In between those meals, I may even snack on biscuits or Doritos. So, those foods are pretty much what I eat every single day. I do drink water, but not enough of it. Also, In the weekends, I usually order a pizza, burgers, or fried chicken...

So, as you can see, I've just been careless with I eat. And, not enough, if at all, fruit and veg gets incorporated into my diet, even though I do like those things. I just eat whenever I feel like, as well as however much I want.

I appreciate you reading this, and I hope, with the information I've provided, you could help me out as best you can. Thank you.


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