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Need your advise on Debt issue
« on: January 22, 2021, 12:21:01 pm »
Hello sisses!
Pasensya na ahead for the long post...

Story is...
I have a friend who is running her own business in cargoes. I known her for more than 10yrs now. I fully understand her business nature.  Last year before the pandemic happens, she  came to me asking for help to find her a shipping line to accommodate her shipment since I have more connections in the industry than her. I was able to help her with 4 shipments. Moving forward, pandemic hits and her business got affected. So she was not able to pay on time for the charges incurred for the 4 shipment that totaled to more or less Php500k. 

It's been almost a year now and that amount is not yet settled. Now, my friend though still active in the business is not coordinating with company she owed the money. Now these companies are planning to send a legal demand letter addressing to me since I was the frontliner in the transactions.

My question is, ano ang laban ko dito though I am the frontliner in the transactions, the billing for the shipment is addressed to my friends company with her name on it? Also, in the email communications, calls, viber messages, these companies are not entirely communicating with me but to her as well.

I have been communicating this with my friend but she is ignoring me. On my end lang naman, I helped her and not wanted to be dragged on this sana.

For our lawyer sisters and for those who experienced the same, I will appreciate your advises on my situation. Thank you so much...
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