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Message for Humanity in Times of Pandemic
« on: November 25, 2020, 03:10:10 pm »
Humanity against COVID-19

We have experienced the devastating effect of the disease. We have felt the burdensome reality of the crisis. However, in our battle against COVID-19, the pandemic, we will never lose because we are humanity. The defeat of the illness and the disappearance of sufferings depend on us. We will fight the fear-inducing and life-threatening disease until it vanishes. We will obey the orders of the government for our life and welfare. We will stay at our home as God will grant our requests. Our fervent prayers will protect us. Our heavenly knowledge will stop the crisis. We, with strong faith, will be saved by merciful and powerful God. This is pandemic. We are humanity. This will die. We will remain alive. At the end, we will be victorious. On its downfall, we will instantly rise.

Salute to Frontliners

In the occurrence of the crisis caused by coronavirus, the entire humanity equally suffers. Each one of us is ordered to stay at home, while the frontliners continue to do their duty. They sacrifice their own lives as they work for science, economy, government, and media. They also have their own family and loved ones, but for the people, they take the risk. They choose to realize the oaths they have taken. They continue to act on the obligations they have accepted. They decide to fulfill their purpose to save the communities from pandemic. They also get fearful and feel troubled, but they remain determined to conquer the crisis. They deserve a salute for their service. They deserve gratitude for their sacrifices. As their hardships are purposeful, together, we will obtain the recovery of the world.

Hope amidst Crisis

The question of all, until when and where our fight with COVID-19, the pandemic, will be? We must not only guard our physical body. We must also take care of our mental condition. We must distance ourselves from one another to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, as we protect ourselves from the cruel disease, worry and fear fill our minds. We worry because we can catch the contagious illness that leads to suffering and sorrow. We fear because the fatal sickness can put our loved ones to painful death. Nevertheless, we must never become desperate amidst the crisis. Depression must not add to the problems of the world. Let us live in spiritual ways by returning to God. Let us believe in His power that will fully erase COVID-19. In times of pandemic, we must strengthen our hearts. At the end of this challenge, we will acquire victory. Let us broaden our minds that the disease has an end. We, the humanity, must not ever lose faith and hope.


We must prioritize our health and safety by washing our hands, wearing face masks, and observing social distancing. However, as we continue to protect ourselves, the cure to COVID-19 has not still discovered. Will the normal situation return? Will the times of joyous gatherings come back? Will we freely interact with one another again? These questions we surely want to answer. Someday, we can hold each other?s hand, be in one another?s arms, and behold everyone?s smiles. Someday will come through God?s love which is above all things. We will wait for the arrival of the moment of recovery. We will embrace each other as we win against COVID-19. We will no longer suffer for missing one another. Our pain will certainly fade away, someday.


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