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Advice: Unfair Compensation
« on: August 08, 2020, 09:41:32 pm »
My story goes..

I've been with this company for 3 years almost 4 years. I just found out na napakababa ng sweldo ko compared to my officemates. To give an idea kung gaano ka baba, around 15K yung difference ng sweldo nila saken.

I am a senior among my team mates. I do most the work, i manage our department's budget, i have people working under me. My new boss said that he will try to increase my salary but HR released a memo that we will have salary freeze this year.

Is it okay to file a complaint against my company to NLRC/DOLE? It's been long overdue. This issue should have overseen by HR a very long time ago. Naawa din ako sa bago kong boss.


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Re: Advice: Unfair Compensation
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2020, 01:20:52 am »
Salary is very relative. Hangga?t hindi siya below the minimum requirement of the law, acceptable siya. Remember you accepted the salary. There was a negotiation before you were hired and that was your chance. Now, you can talk to your boss about it. If nothing happens and it doesnt sit well with you having lower salary than what you think you deserve, start looking for another job. Then resign when you have one already. This is considering that salary is your non-negotiable.

Personally I have done this 3 years ago. I re-negotiated my salary and gave my boss a figure of how much I think I am worth. They gave me lower increase than I requested. I tendered my resignation a month after. They then offer me a higher compensation than what I asked for. I stayed because salary is my non-negotiable. I can endure anything at work as long as I am fairly paid.
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