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No feedback from HR since the verbal JO
« on: October 04, 2019, 12:52:56 pm »
Hi anyone here who has/had the same situation?

Last week I had two job offers. Yung isa project based a.k.a. company A. The other one is for regularization a.k.a. company B but verbal offer pa lang. The HR requested for my previous payslip and said that he will get back to me the next monday or tues kase ipapa approve nya lang yung job offer ko. Both of them called last friday. Of course, ang pipiliin ko is yung for regularization.

I requested dun sa project based for an extension for my decision until tuesday. Para mahintay ko yung isa.  But here's the problem.  Tuesday came pero walang feedback dun sa HR ng company B. I emailed him last tuesday and even called the number (landline) he used pero answering machine ang sumagot. The second time I tried to call nag leave nako ng message. I already turned down yung offer sa project based yesterday because the client cannot wait any longer. In short I chose to wait for company B but until now wala parin feedback. The worst part is ni hindi man lang nag rereply yung HR sa follow up ko.

Company B is a very large and reputable company especially in the IT industry. So I expected the same in their hiring process but it seems hindi ganon. Well pwedeng yung HR lang. The fact na hiningi niya yung payslip ko is somewhat an assurance for me na meron ako aasahan. Or maybe I'm wrong. The wait is really grueling and I'm in a position that I really need to have a job these coming weeks. I will try to call again today or go directly to the company to get a feedback. Any advice or comments? Thanks!


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Re: No feedback from HR since the verbal JO
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2019, 09:09:50 pm »
^my suggestion, while waiting for Company B, maybe you should also try applying sa ibang companies. i had similar experiences before na magkaiba yung result.

years ago, i applied sa isang company, i know i passed kasi sabi ni hiring manager pasado ako and wait na lang ako na i-contact ng HR. HR did contact me nga to ask for my current salary, expected salary, benefits, etc. after nun hindi na ko tinawagan. i texted after 2 weeks or so, nag-reply naman ang sabi niya too high yung asking ko, out of budget daw for the position.

yung other company naman, recent lang. i received an email stating that i passed and they asked for my payslip and asking. it took them more than a week bago nila ako nabalikan. ang sabi ni HR they needed special approvals pa daw kasi because my higher than their usual range yung current/expected ko. to  be honest, akala ko talaga di na nila ako babalikan.

bottomline, don't read anything into what they say unless andiyan na talaga yung offer. apply ka pa rin sa iba. if they give you an offer, then good for you, if not, at least may fallback ka. what role are you applying for pala if i may ask? if willing ka to work sa bgc, alam ko maraming IT companies ang hiring now.


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Re: No feedback from HR since the verbal JO
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2019, 07:13:55 am »
I worked as a Recruitment officer before and believe me when I say unless there was a JO that was signed by you, don?t deem any verbal job offers as final. Anything can happen in the process. Might be the position requisition was suddenly dropped for myriad of reasons. It could be the HR is still waiting for approvals. However, I find it unprofessional of his part not to give you updates or reply to your inquiries. Nonetheless, this is me speaking as an HR before.  I usually give updates to my hires from time to time, regardless if the offer pushed through or not. Him not replying could be anything - he might be utterly busy or couldn?t give you a guarantee For the moment. Now since it?s only been days, I suggest you to wait and see. However, keep your options open.

Anyway, I also was a victim of this before (considering I work in the recruitment). I was given a JO and was sent a contract via email. I was asked to wait for the JO signing a few days after but the manager never contacted me anymore. Unprofessionalism at its finest. I really loved the post and it took me a couple of weeks to get over it. Lol. Charge it to experience.
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