Author Topic: Cervical erosion: what is the real deal?  (Read 4191 times)


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Cervical erosion: what is the real deal?
« on: October 31, 2017, 11:17:46 pm »
Hi everyone, I'm 21F, currently sexually active with one partner, 20 years older. In my 3 rounds of medications below, I haven't had itchiness as a symptom and have had no bleeding in between periods except the one time below. My OBs say different things about cervical erosion. Ano ba talaga fam?

Related medical history: Mid 2016, went to an OB because of smelly discharge. Dr said I had scratches in my vaginal wall because of rough sex. Treated it with neopenotran forte and it was gone. Also had pap smear, gramstain, culture, etc, no STIs or STDs.

July 2017, had very little blood come out of me during and sometimes after sex, and a smelly discharge after. Different OB (family moved 2 cities away from my first OB) said I had cervical erosion caused when the penis hits the cervix, but I don't remember feeling my partner had hit my cervix at any point in time. Told me to take Albothyl suppository. Papsmear, urinalysis, gramstain were all cleared. It went away. I didn't come back to this OB because she shamed me for having pre-marital sex before giving me the prescription. It was like talking to a nun about it. 1st week of October. Went because of smelly discharge. Consulted with a different OB in same hospital so she can still see my medical record. Told me it was cervical erosion again and advised not to have rough sex because erosion was caused by penis hitting the cervix during sex. Had gramstain and RPR (the latter due to my insistent request just to be safe). She prescribed me neopenotran forte and 1-week oral metronidazole for my partner, which he took. My partner just had his biannual general medical exam and all tests were fine, but he still took the metronidazole. OB told me to come back after medication and gave me a request for transvaginal ultrasound to see why it recurred. I had no plans to come back to her because at one point she said "You made your own problems by having premarital sex. I'm sorry but I'm a conservative woman."

I finished the neopenotran forte, then my period started. I got the results to the gram stain and RPR and waited for my period to finish. 2 days ago, I went to a different OB within the same hospital as OB 2 and 3. This OB is an old guy, but somehow I was very comfortable with him. He has a grandfatherlike smile and a soothing voice. I have no abnormal discharge now but I still went for the interpretation of test results. I also wanted to request an HIV test because I just saw a documentary about it. Anyway, he looked at the latest gram stain and RPR and told me that everything is normal. Did a pelvic exam, and yes, I have cervical erosion. He put concentrated albothly on the erosions itself so it f*****g hurts, and told me to follow up with albothly suppositories every other day for the next 14 days. He said that cervical erosion is not caused by too much sexual activity, and that it may be genetic or because of hormones, or even sometimes too much walking because of the friction. He didn't request for a culture anymore because it wasn't necessary. I also asked for birth control pills, and because of my erosion, he suggested only a minipill, the ones with no estrogen. Will start the pills after taking the albothyl. Earlier today, a small clot, not really thick like the period ones, came out of me. Maybe it's because of the concentrated albothyl? As I'm typing this I can also feel a bit of cramping but it goes away fast. I will come back to him after the 14-day albothlys. If it's still bad, he will cauterise the cervix. I'm scared and a bit confused. I fully trust this guy OB but I'm still confused what the hell is the cause of my cervical erosion?

I read online that it's not linked to cervical cancer, but OB 2 said otherwise.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Cervical erosion: what is the real deal?
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2020, 08:37:30 am »
Hi sis! I know matagal na itong post mo na to pero just wanna ask for an update regarding your condition. Nag heal na ba yung erosion mo? I think kasi we have the same condition. Thanks


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