Author Topic: DOTC-MMDA-LTFRB Holiday Bus Project  (Read 2911 times)


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DOTC-MMDA-LTFRB Holiday Bus Project
« on: December 19, 2015, 03:00:11 pm »
As some of you have heard already, our govt is providing non-stop point-to-point bus service from Dec. 5 to Jan. 6 to hopefully help decongest the streets and to encourage people to leave their cars at home.

I personally like the idea. Di ko lang nahanap yesterday saan exactly sa megamall pwede magboard. If I did, I wouldve tried na.

I've heard/ read quite a few raves about it. Just wondering, if they did this long-term, would you support it? Would you actually leave your cars at home and choose to commute? Why or why not?


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