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Author Topic: Have you checked your toiletries lately? Dangerous ingredients w/c are harmful  (Read 10130 times)


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hay halos lahat ng bath products ko at meron nito:


meron ibang paraben-free pero mas mahal siya (e.g Akin)
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thanks for the tips! grabe naman pati Kiehl's facial cleanser ko may SLS, i though Kiehls was supposed to be safe?


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mga mahal na product usually mataas lang ang mark-up hindi dahil high quality


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got curious with this thread.. i'm a formulator of toiletries of known brands. locally pag walang ingredients list (eto list usually found in the back label of the product) medyo alangan din ako. our local FDA requires na dapat meron ingredients list ang product na nilalabas sa market. hindi ka basta i a- allow ng claim "certified organic" kung hindi naman talaga organic ang formula mo. and regarding sa mga ingredients na sinasabi nyo harmful sa skin or carcinogenic, yes they can be at CERTAIN AMOUNT lang. for me mas importante tatak ng FDA or BFAD approved. there's no harm in wanting to go organic product but be sure lang sa mga binibili nyo.....
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sis pag sinuot mo damit mo nandun pa rin yung chemicals...i'm glad i found a detergent na mura and no harmful chemicals.

anong detergent ba to sis? kindly share naman. thanks :)


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OMG! ang tagal na ng post nito pero ngayon ko lang nakita. i need to check my toiletries na talaga. nakakatakot pala talaga. anyway, tignin ko, dapat na ko talaga mag-switch sa organic products. ;D
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For an all natural clean that won't break the bank, sissies, try the Filipino brand Human Heart Nature for shampoo, soap, facial wash, make up, baby stuff and now they have expanded their line with household cleaners! Available online and in Rustan's and Robinson's.

The brand is also available in Sesou Nature Source branches!

I am not an HNN dealer or paid advertiser. I just have good and eco-friendly intentions. :P


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Dati I tried to go organic and even became an HHN distributor... but I slipped back into using the highly commercialized products.  Lao na sa detergent, I cannot resist the bango of Downy! :(  Sa hair products naman, nadala ako sa mga marketing campaigns and nagustuhan ko yung Tresseme. Ang lambot sa buhok!

However, parang ang dami kong relative na nagkaka-cancer na I want to make an effort in going organic again.


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^^ I think I saw hhn products sa beauty bar din.
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About parabens and cancer:

Most people are exposed to parabens. In fact, studies have found some form of parabens in the urine in up to 99% of people in the US. But so far, studies have not shown any direct link between parabens and any health problems, including breast cancer. There are also many other compounds in the environment that mimic naturally produced estrogen.

About SLS:

The worst-case scenario with an SLS-containing shampoo, then, is irritation if you leave it on your head too long. Oh, and you're looking at possible toxicity if you swallow about 16 pounds (7.5 kilograms) of SLS-containing toothpaste.

About talcum powder:

No increased risk of lung cancer has been reported with the use of cosmetic talcum powder.

About isopropyl alcohol:

There is an increased incidence of nasal sinus cancer in workers involved in the manufacture of Isopropyl Alcohol by the strong acid process. There is no evidence that Isopropyl Alcohol is a carcinogen.

EDIT: Yes, I agree that it's good that we go organic and some may be true, even I have to use organic because of my very sensitive skin (I cannot even use alcohol myself, since totoo naman na nakaka-dry sya ng balat) -- but it still pays to do research, this includes finding way on how to prevent cancer. :)
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