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more family problems
« on: February 03, 2021, 11:45:42 pm »
I know I sound like a b**** for always complaining about my family but in quarantine I really started to notice how mean my mom is. One thing that pisses me off is she will get mad at us for not cleaning the house while we're in class. She doesn't tell us ,she's passive aggressive so when we get out of class she would be like "go cook for yall selves" so I have to make food ,clean and do work. im in highschool and in ap classes so I get a lot of homework. Also I have twin siblings that are 1 year old so they need a s*** ton of attention so we have to keep an eye on them but the thing is when don't get school from Friday to Thursday so on those day we have to take care of them all day. We're a teen and 2 pre teens so we don't wanna be with them all day. Trust me i love those 2 with all my heart but it gets irritating to be with screaming kids all day. So we have to do all that and she gets mad when our grades slip under a 90. I've been wanting alone time to just relax and draw because I'm so busy I draw at night when everyone is asleep because if not I'm always getting called to do something. I'm the oldest out of my siblings their is a age gap so we really don't get along plus I really don't like being touched so I really don't wanna spend all day with them but my mom always brings up the "when I'm dead are y'all still gonna be fighting " I hate that argument because IM A TEEN THAT JUST WANTS SOME TIME ALONE ONCE IN A WHILE. Just yesterday me and my mom got in a fight because Im picky I don't like A LOT of foods which includes onions so I try not to make a big deal about it and just take them out but she got mad and told me to eat them here's the thing if I know there's an onion in my mouth I start gagging uncontrollable and I kinda don't wanna gag while where eating. Look I love my mom she's been supportive but she's always irritated every damn day I don't wanna deal with that and half the time she's mad because my stepdad is looking at any job he can take because he used to get good money now we struggle to even pay rent. Idk life rn is tough, again I'm sorry I'm always bitching about my family.


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