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Need your help
« on: November 17, 2020, 10:25:32 am »
Hi, Good Day everyone!

I'm writing this post out of necessity, frustration and disappointment. I'm a sigle dad living outside the Philippines. I have daughters (both minors) ako na nagpalaki sa kanila since my wife left us many years ago. Here are some background about myself and my family kung bakit umabot ako sa point na need ko magpost on this kind of forum and seek help from a women/wives'/sister's perspective.

I'm a very very very introvert person, trabaho-bahay lifestyle lang. I have small circle of friends - all boys and no pinoys. My foster mom (single parent) passed away in 1999. I live alone with no family for many years until I met my ex-wife in 2003, I've been living here in Novosibirsk, Russia with my two daughters since my wife left us for another man. Dito na din nag aaral mga daughters ko because of the scholarship sponsored by my company. so in summary i have no friends, family, colleagues that can understand my situation

I have two concerns,
first, my two daughters are starting to explore themselves. they are now doing things so strange and uncomfortable for me. like pleasuring themselves and watching p*rn (regularly) to the point na I need to act blind inside the house and ignore them during their private time. I'm on self-denial stage as of this writing, self-denial na my daughters are no longer my babies anymore. As a father sobrang hirap para saken to engage a conversation to talk about it. I really want to remind them and educate them regarding these things but i don't know how to approach them.

All I can do is keep on saying na "wag muna mag boyfriend at tapusin ang pag-aaral" but i know that's not enough. I need to go deeper like I should do the missing part on the good parenting of the mother's perspective.

They are not my babies anymore. it really hurts that i can't connect with them anymore as they are starting to walk on the next chapter of their lives.

The second concern is. my eldest showing some signs of being a lesbian or bisexual i don't know what's the difference but she likes pretty/sexy girls more than kpop boys. most of the time she likes to wear pang lalakeng outfit and sometimes acts like boys in a funny way. I'm not a lesbophobia she's my daughter tanggap ko sya if yun ang pipiliin nya. But since I'm not that sure, are there any ways to prevent it or at least confirm it?

I really need your help, if you know more forums like this to unload my burden please let me know. Send me a private message it's more comfortable for me than answering directly to my post (I don't know if this website has private message feature.)   

Thank you


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Re: Need your help
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2020, 11:34:47 am »
^ hello. im not a parent. pero its my point of view as a daughter. wala kayo sa pinas , so iba ang culture. pwedeng dahil sa friends or environment nila kaya nagiging sexual sila. since nakatira sila sa iyo. your house your rules. why not educate them about sex, i appreciate yan kung may sex ed dito saten sa pinas. not that i support premarital sex pero much better siya than unexpected pregnancy. mahirap kase babae sila and kadalasan mother ang kausap sa ganyang bagay pero you have to step up and really talk to them about that lalo at minor pa sila. walang ibang aalalay sa knila kung hindi ikaw.

im not sure if need mo iconfront un eldest mo about her gender preference, kasi minsan magddeny lang and un iba magsasabi ng totoo or baka mamaya hindi pa rin siya sure. siguro ipa feel mo nalang na you are there to support her with whatever and tanggap mo siya. for me open communication is the key. kase for sure may effect sa kanila un separation niyo ng ex wife mo. so they are more sensitive. sorry idk what to say din, pero ill really appreciate if close kami ng parents ko. para i can talk anything with them. just try yur best to tal

and for you, go out and meet new friends. chill a bit.  make a life and enjoy. you deserve it  :)


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