Author Topic: Fully Paid Housing Loan: How to cancel / remove notation of mortgage in TCT?  (Read 1126 times)


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Hi Sisses,

We have fully paid off our housing loan with the bank. Nakuha na namin notarized release of mortgage and original TCT from our bank.

Of course, TCT still has the mortgage notation in the title. Anyone who can tell me what are the steps to have this notation removed, and estimate on how much the fees are?

Thank you!


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Honestly I do not have an idea. Anyone?


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I am not sure someone can tell you precisely what to do. Usually, this stuff is solved by the mortgage company or bank. When I took the mortgage for a residential home, did everything. My role was to read and sign papers. I am so happy I have someone to trust when taking loans Like we Americans live our entire lives paying loans, we should start doing it with pleasure. I like to be informed about rules, new fees, interest rates, taxes, and terms. And my mortgage company odes that weekly, so I know what to expect shortly and the right time to take loans.


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