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Author Topic: Question about Child Education  (Read 2336 times)


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Question about Child Education
« on: January 22, 2021, 08:57:45 pm »
Since I have been playing I have been assigning my children to be taught by people in my court who had the best educational trait in the topic I wanted them to specialize in, ex being I want my kid to train as a steward so I had them educated by a someone in my court/vessel with a 4 star steward educational trait. However, I have begun to notice that I do not have any control over what kind of traits they gain while growing up when I do not place them with family members. Its also rarely rare for my kids to gain a 4 star education trait, regardless if I have them educated by someone with said 4 star trait for their whole childhood.

So my specific questions are this.

Since I select what skill branch my kid will specialize is, do I also have to have them educated by someone with the same skill, or should I just focus on having them taught by a family member with a 4 star learning trait, regardless of what which skill it is for.

AND, is there any benefit to having my kid begin their education as soon as I figure out their childhood trait. Sometimes I start them at age 3 instead of waiting for the notification that the kid needs to start learning.

Id appreciate any info you guys got.


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