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II.   What is Female Network?
        A.   Vision

        Female Network is the Filipino woman’s daily source of up-to-date and credible information relevant to all aspects of her life and for dynamic interaction with a community of other women who share her
interests. The site offers expert content, forums (GIRLTalk), and social networking features through which members can share knowledge, provide feedback, and receive support.

        B.   Mission

        Female Network improves the quality of the Filipino woman’s life by helping her:

        * Know and believe in herself;
        * Meet the challenges of her everyday life;
        * Connect with others who share her concerns and interests;
        * Be aware of and understand issues in the world around her.

        In doing so, she will be able to broaden her perspectives so she can make better life choices.

        C.   What is GIRLTalk?

        GIRLTalk refers to the message boards or forums established for the use of the Female Network community. The forums offer information on content on the main Female Network site as well as an avenue for FN members to discuss topics relevant to their lives and/or FN topic channels (i.e., Health and Wellness, Work and Money, etc.).
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