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RULES AND REGULATIONS - A. Violations and Penalties
« on: February 09, 2010, 01:41:37 am »
IV.   Rules and Regulations

The Girltalk Moderators reserve the right to take down any post or thread that violate the community rules and regulations at any time without prior notice. These include posts that are considered defamatory, vulgar, and offensive.

The following rules and regulations serve as a guide for enforcing behavior that allows the forum to maintain an open, light, informative, safe, and tolerant atmosphere for all its members:

Actions to be taken in the event of specific violations are listed below.

I. Minor Offense

1) The member will be issued up to 3 reminders on the thread or via Personal Message.
2) Members who disregard reminders and PMs from the Moderators will be banned from the Girltalk forums.

Minor violations include but are not limited to: 
- use of textspeak and sticky caps,
- quoting entire message
- posting of more than 3 images per message
- posting in all capital letters in topic titles and all-caps, all-bold and big fonts on the entire - message content
- posting a message without content for the purpose of bumping one's thread.
- posting message that is not meant for the entire viewers following the topic.
- posting messages that are off topic, with no substance and relevance and does not benefit viewers.
- starting an existing topic
- multiple posting of the same message to different topics or boards
- signatures exceeding the height limit.
- linking to pornographic, illegal and competitor sites of Female Network and Summit Publishing
advertising in regular threads.
- habitually promoting a brand, trade name or link to a PTC site, commercial and business sites over a short period of time. Multiple posting of the same link to different topics to purposely use this site to increase viewership of another site.

II. Major Offense

1) A reminder or warning will be sent to the offending member via the thread or by PM. The post/thread will be edited or removed by the Moderator.
2) Repeat offense will increase the warning level of the offending member. Forum members with over three offenses will be banned.
3) Disregarding the rules and warnings deliberately will have the delinquent member banned from the forum.

Major offense include but are not limited to:   
- Personal attacks, rude and lewd statements, outright and perceived fighting, name calling, discrimination and hateful statements including clear or slur cursing, cussing against a public or private individual or group.
- Slander and unsupported statements against a private person or establishment.
- Harassing fellow members by PM

The following are considered serious offenses. Users will immediately be banned:

- creation of dummy account/s (shill) to advertise, support and promote in regular threads or solicit a buyer
- fabrication of identity and stories to promote or gather attention and sympathy among forum members.
- sock puppet/s
- impersonating a member, Moderator or Administrator
- Solicitation of sex
- openly harassing fellow members
- Identity theft
- rigorous spamming
These rules and regulations may be modified as the need arises. Please view this page regularly to check for updates. Likewise, you may check the News & Announcements board for updates and posts. For common questions on how this forum works, please read our Friendly Reminders.
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