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E.   Spam

Spam refers to the repeated posting of thread entries and/or private messages, all of which contain the same content and are unsolicited by the recipient. Spam may or may not include advertisements or solicitations. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned.
        (1)   Multiple Posts / Messages

        Any incidence of the exact same message being sent to threads or individuals more than twice (except by accident) will be automatically considered spam. Spamming in this manner via private messages and/or posts will merit a ban.   
        (2)   Attendance or Nonsense Posts / Threads

        Any post that does not contribute information, experience, or opinions to the thread in which it is posted will be considered spam. These posts can and will be deleted by the moderators or administrators without any prior warning.
        (3)   Posting Unrelated Messages

        Posts with large amounts of content which are unrelated to the parent thread or which include personal discussions are considered spam; members are recommended to use private messaging for this.

        (4)   Thread Bumping / Post Count Padding

        Posts published for the sole purpose of increasing the ranking of a member or thread within the forums (post count padding or thread bumping) will be treated as spam as well.

        Posts upped for the sole purpose of increasing post ranking will automatically be deleted. This will also be enforced in the Marketplace boards. Registered sellers may edit their original posts, deleting those that have already been bought or adding more merchandise, but should not bump up their posts by re-posting the same message within the thread.
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