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Title: Help Spread Information: How to Use this Board
Post by: FN Administrator on October 02, 2009, 02:13:05 pm
Dear GIRLTalkers,

In a calamity situation such as this, it is hard to keep track of the different calls for help and hotlines you can call. We are all receiving useful information from our own networks--through Facebook, Twitter, and personal text messages and calls from our colleagues, friends, and loved ones. We are sure you're helping spread the word by sharing information about the crisis to everyone in these networks.

Let us increase the reach of our networks even further by posting and cross-posting helpful, newsworthy, and inspiring announcements here. Keep us all informed by posting items from status messages and tweets of friends here. Spread the word by reposting items from this forum to your own Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and other channels.

We welcome the following information:

You may also participate in threads for support groups, useful tips and information for those affected by the floods, and other related concerns. However, please refrain from discussing accountability or blame; this is not the time to point fingers.

Please reply to the existing threads and do not start your own to keep things organized and easily accessible. If you have thread suggestions, please PM the moderators.

For this board, you may repost announcements in multiple threads, as long as they are relevant. Keep in mind, the goal is to be able to help people find the information they need quickly.

Let us band together in these trying times.

FN Admin 

Title: Re: Help Spread Information: How to Use this Board
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