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wage deduction
« on: December 15, 2015, 04:15:47 am »
Hello sisses! Need your help on this..

I was hired in this company in 2008 as a multilingual agent. So basically my salary package included basic pay, allowances and language allowance. Then 3 years ago i was transferred to another department (not my choice, I did not apply) and the position did not really require using the 3rd language. They gave me a new contract to formalize the lateral movement but no changes with the salary because I did not request for any transfer -- basically it was a management decision.

Just last month we had a reorganization so our management changed. Everything became a mess. All 3rd language speakers are being forced to transfer to another department without any assurance that they would fit for any position. Worse is that language allowance will be removed.

They insist na "nobody will be losing his job" pero they are requiring all 3rd language speakers to update the resumes and submit to the hiring manager. Parang back to zero lang diba? Walang assurance na may trabaho pa rin afterwards dahil what if hindi magustuhan ng hiring manager, san naman pupulutin ang mga pobre. Floating?

Not sure kung tama ang ginagawa ng company na ito eh. Any opinions?


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