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Title: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: cutemama on February 18, 2016, 09:28:12 am
i created a thread like this to help other sissies decide which country to choose between OZ and Canada..

pls help me, im so confused, I don't know what to do and the problem is Im not good in decision making so I need your help and insights about this.

We are planning to migrate in other countries, yun nga Australia and Canada.. My Tita  in Canada is willing to help us migrate in Canada, willing siya magsponsor samin, hubby will be the primary applicant and ako yung dependent and our 1 kid.

my husband prefers Oz kasi andun yung brother niya and permanent resident na rin sa sydney. nahihiya kasi siya sa canada kasi syempre hindi niya close yung mga relatives ko dun.

yung kuya niya tagal na niya gusto tulungan kami, Im a nurse nga pala sad to say hindi ako qualified sa skilled visa, also my hubby wala din sa SOL yung job description niya. im qualified lang sa student visa, I have to study first for 1-2 years daw in Oz para makapagwork as a nurse dun. sa application ko kasama si hubby and baby.

which one kaya ang pipiliin ko? sa mga nurses jan, Is it practical ba to spend hundred of thousands to study in OZ? after studying ba, is it guaranteed na makakahanap ako ng job dun? tska hindi ba kami mamumulubi for 2 yrs dun kasi nga student visa lang ako. Am I allowed to work while studying?

kung kayo papipiliin which is better Australia or Canada, in terms of"

1. Ease of application/ processing of documents

2. Job Opportunities

3. Cost of Living

4. Security

5. permanent Residency

6. good environment for kids

7. neighborhood/ descrimination

8. weather

thanks in advance
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: luckypal on May 03, 2016, 12:25:20 pm
^ hi cutemama! Sharing my Canadian experience:

1. Ease of application/ processing of documents - I found this to be an easy process almost 10 years ago. Not sure how it is now. You can do it on your own if you meet the criteria and follow the instructions carefully.

2. Job Opportunities - I think the job market is pretty healthy in Canada, especially since you're in healthcare. You would have to get your Canadian credentials in nursing though, I think there are ways to that from the Philippines but I'm not sure. Better research on that so you can see what you can do while processing your application.

3. Cost of Living - this varies all throughout Canada. I live in Vancouver which is one of the most expensive cities in North America. Housing is very expensive here so if you plan on buying a home, this may not be the best place for you.

4. Security - Canada is a safe place and I walk the streets at night without any fear.

5. permanent Residency -  When I applied under the Federal Skilled worker program, once you've finished your application and granted an entry visa, you automatically become a permanent resident.

6. good environment for kids - Canada is a family-oriented country. Parents get support from the gov't and there are lots of community events you can join for support and leisure.

7. neighborhood/ discrimination - Where I live it's pretty multicultural so I have never really experience blatant discrimination. Not sure about the more rural areas.

8. weather - I chose Vancouver because it has the mildest weather here in Canada but lots of kababayans live in other parts of Canada and love it there too :) I think it's just a matter of getting used to.

Hope this helps!
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: belle_v2g on May 13, 2016, 06:40:32 pm
Hi Cute Mama, I'll share my experience since I'm also a nurse working here in Australia.

1. Ease of application/ processing of documents
It only took me 6 months to process my registration to board of nursing, school enrolment and visa application. Initial requirement is IELTS with a score of 7 in all subtests, plus your willingness to spend a lot of money for this whole process. I came here using a business visa (1 year validity, max of 3 mos stay per entry). The overseas nurse conversion course is only 3 months, including the training in the hospital then once you passed all the requirements, you gain your registration and you can apply for jobs. Job hunting will be a bit tricky to those who do not have hospital experience. My visa back then does not allow me to work. Student visa holders on the other hand, are allowed to work for 20 hrs/week (but not as a nurse).

2. Job Opportunities
This will depend how extensive your experience is and what area of specialization you have. I've got friends who have 5+ years working experince but failed to find an employer right away simply because their area of experience is not in demand (surgical ward, medical or pediatric ward). So they ended up working in GP clinics and aged care. While other nurses I've met have 2+ years experience in Emergency, Cath Lab, NICU, Theatre (mostly special areas) found permanent jobs in a couple of months.

3. Cost of Living
Your brother in law is based in Sydney so the cost of living is higher there compared to us here in Victoria. Just clarify with him what sort of help is he willing to offer and up to what extent coz living here could be really expensive. Starting a family or a new life overseas, getting a car or purchasing your first home is easier here in VIC and can be achieved within 3-4 yrs.

4. Security
It's pretty secure in most places. I never heard terror attacks happening in Melbourne same like what happened in Lindt Café in NSW. We don't have security guards in banks, petrol stations, supermarket etc. Australia invested so much with security cameras installed everywhere. We have 000 for emergencies and help will arrive in no time.

5. Permanent Residency
You can apply for PR if your skill/occupation is listed in the SkillSelect website. There are plenty of ways to do it, either you apply independently or get your employer to sponsor you or if your profession is in demand in a certain state then you can apply for state sponsorship. Again, it will depend on your credentials and experience.

Will answer your other queries next time, I just have to go sis. :)
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: eischied_21 on May 03, 2017, 04:07:12 pm
This is a good thread for those planning to immigrate either Australia or Canada.

How about in terms of Healthcare/Medical benefits? Some of the friends from Australia, told me that they need to secure another private health plan or don't rely solely for the government's healthcare to reduce monthly/yearly tax.

She is working in the IT field and she is based in Sydney and according to her buying a house is impossible because it's very expensive and everything is expensive even clothes. She buys clothes in Philippines though.
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: xtine on May 03, 2017, 07:28:31 pm
I am also planning to migrate either Canada or Australia.  Aside from above, I prefer Australia because they don't have winter season (only the mountains) but Cold weather (

Canada can hit -40 degrees celsius.  This alone is already my deciding mark.  Both can provide health care., i think.
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: kvan on May 03, 2017, 11:10:13 pm
I would go kung saan meron akong relatives or mas maraming friends. Both countries are fine, I assume.
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: rics on May 04, 2017, 09:22:35 am
I live in Canada... my thoughts...
1. Took us about 4yrs total from initial application to when we were given our immigrant visa. Not sure how it is now, but there is apparently a quota that fills up easily.

2. The reality is, you need to go back to school to upgrade to become an RN. Otherwise you can practice as an RPN but you still need to have some bridging program. Actually, as per people I personally know who graduated here with an RN degree, nahihirapan sila to apply for a nursing position. Meron, but part time mostly if you get lucky. My cousin was an RN at Saudi, moved here as a caregiver, took some courses to become an RPN but moved to Alberta since hindi sya makahanap ng work as an RPN.

3. We live in a suburb outside of Toronto, still in the GTA. Cost of living is a bit high. Cost of a house if you plan to buy is astronomical.  Even rent in the city is quite high.

4. By security I would mean it is relatively overall safe in Canada. There is not much known threat, although meron din nababalita here and there. I would like to point out that the present government recently moved in here about 25,000 refugees from Syria.  Also, lot of those who claim to be refugees cross the border from the US going to Canada after POTUS announce immigration changes. In a way, I consider this breach in security since a lot of refugee claimants would just cross the border illegally. I have read somewhere that Australia does not have this kind of a problem since the country has a stringent review process for claimants.

5. There is news that from being permanent resident to becoming a citizen, the time requirement has been shortened.Permanent resident have the same benefits from the government hindi lang pwede bumoto.

6. Yes. Good benefits for children too. There is childcare benefits, specially more if the family annual income is below the threshold.

7. Discrimination exist everywhere. Depending on what neighborhood you want to reside, there are neighborhood na mataas and crime rate, certain ethic background ang majority of the residents, etc.

8. Weather here is really crazy. It is cold half the year and over.  It is now spring and we have single digit weather up to now. This is a factor I really hate about living here.
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: PwedePadala on December 22, 2017, 10:45:15 am
Both countries would be nice to live in. I think the deciding factor is having a good, stable jobs since everything else will follow.

With a job, you'll have peace of mind, a place to stay, an opportunity to go back to school etc.

When it comes to weather, I would prefer Australia. No matter how long will I stay in Canada, I'll never get used to the cold lalo na ang Chinook (cold wind na parang may ice). That's why I hope to move somewhere warmer like in Vancouver but not with high cost of living.

When it comes to security, education etc. both countries are great choices. Learning the Aussie accent is a plus for me.  ;D The Canadian language follows the British language but not the accent. Nood na lang ng BBC series to sound like Harry Potter.  ;)
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: althea_ge on March 12, 2018, 12:04:33 pm
Both countries are ok to live in, free education in public school, free check-up , lab test etc, giving birth.
I live in OZ, I prefer the weather here than in Canada. The winter here in Sydney is only summer in Canada :D. It doesn't snow in most residential areas, you'd have to go to mountain , 5 hours drive from Sydney just to experience snow.
the food and clothes here are very cheap, well of course Asia is quite cheaper but you have to think that you are earning dollar here not peso.
I know that when young teens go to uni (college), they have the option to borrow money from the government to pay your tuition and, you will pay when you are working thru tax , or end of financial year. For employees, you can have tax rebate on stuff you purchase or education related to your profession.I know wala nito sa Canada.
Location, it's near Pacific islands and NZ, where in Canada, just cross the border and you'd be in the USA. It depends if you want travelling. I just wish that Australia is in the other part of the world where I can have easy access to different countries (I love to travel). :D
If you want to travel much to the Ph, Cebu Pacific is the best option for cheaper airfare, like for as low as 15k pesos for return ticket, wherein if you live in Canada, you will likely to spend 40k pesos for RT ticket.
If you love beach and sun, Au is the better choice.
It really depends on your priority and prefer way of living :D
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: kvan on March 12, 2018, 12:18:18 pm
^You can claim your education expenses in Canada. Student loan is also available. We have RESP or Registered Educational Savings Plan where if you open an plan for your child, you will get monetary subsidies from the government. They will also match every dollar of your contribution up to a certain amount a year.
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: eischied_21 on March 12, 2018, 12:34:18 pm
^sis, how about if you are an employee and already a PR and decided to go back to school, can you get any tax rebate from the govt?
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: kvan on March 12, 2018, 01:11:01 pm
^Yes, as far as I know you can claim it against your taxes.
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: belle_v2g on March 14, 2018, 01:19:48 pm
Hi cutemama!

I hope you are well. I'm sorry if it took two years before the part 2 of my response was added. Lots of things happened na in between so I'm not sure baka you already decided na which country you like. Btw, we are just waiting for our citizenship oathtaking (hopefully this April).

6. Good environment for kids
I have 2 kids and I certainly won't choose any other country for them to grow other than Australia.

7. Neighbourhood/Discrmination
Au has laws with regards to discrimination and harassment.

8. Weather
Heaps better compared to snowy Canada. Although the weather in Victoria can be a bit crazy at times. You get all 4 seasons in 1 day.

And re: sa healthcare question, Au has a good healthcare system. I gave birth to my second child in June 2016 without spending a single centavo. Check ups, tests, ultrasounds, vaccines all free. Even our GP visits are bulkbilled with Medicare.

Education: Free up to highschool in public system. You just pay for books and field trips.

Housing: Choose wisely which state you would like to settle. It's almost impossible to get your own property in Sydney due to sky rocketting high price tags. Here in Victoria, you can get a car in your first year at work, you can apply for a home loan in your 2nd or 3rd year (as long as you have sufficient savings to show with full time job). We purchased our land in 2016  and we are starting to build on it now. Bit delayed because it coincided with my maternity leave.

Speaking of ML, you get a lot of days off plus paid parental leave from centrelink.
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: belle_v2g on March 14, 2018, 01:21:38 pm
Australia also have HEX, like study now pay later. Or student loan. :)
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: crzysxycl on April 05, 2018, 02:03:38 pm
Nice thread! Meron pala nito.. planning din kami ni hubby mag migrate pero namimili pa rin kami. For now puro research and ipon muna. In terms of ease ng application ngayon, saan kaya mas OK? Nagbabasa ako before sa Canada thread and karamihan ng comments nila mas mahirap na raw ngayon. Hanap pa ako ng more info re OZ.

^Hello sis Belle! Long time! :) Hope all is well with you. Hindi ako masyado active sa FB kaya bihira ako makapag basa ng posts sa group. Nasa Australia ka nga pala no. :)
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: stupidgal on June 18, 2018, 06:22:35 pm
^kami ngayon sis leaning towards Australia kasi ang mejo tumaas na yung required points sa Canada. If you're young, go for it kasi big factor sa points system yung age + relatives that are already in CA. For us, wala both - age and relatives hahaha. ouch talaga yung age. So ayun, more of AU ang nasa list namin ngayon.
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: crzysxycl on June 18, 2018, 10:29:48 pm
^Hi sis. Wala rin kami relatives. Yung age naman malapit na rin kami bumaba ang score unless makakuha ng ITA bago ako mag 36. *wiiiish* Nag IELTS ka na sis? May nabasa ko sa ibang forum, bilis lang nya nakakuha ng AU visa. Natapos ko na rin basahin yung thread dun kaya baka Canada na kami, sana.. :)
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: RoadrunnerXCX on June 19, 2018, 12:46:30 pm

I guess for long term benefit mas maganda dito specially for the ageing population kasi mas maganda medical benefits ng mga seniors dito compared to the US and other countries kaya minsan daw US Citizen na yung iba nagma migrate p dito pag nagkakaedad na kasi  nga free ang medical ng mga retireess dito. Kaya pala kapag nagsisimba kami ang dami talaga matatanda sa church iyon pala yon dito nila mas gusto mag retire sa Canada.
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: crzysxycl on June 19, 2018, 01:36:57 pm
^Wow. Thanks for sharing sis.
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: stupidgal on June 19, 2018, 05:13:33 pm
sis @crzysxycl talaga? mas matimbang canada sa inyo? ang baba kasi namin dun :( . yes nag ielts na kami pareho pero kelangang mag 8 sa lahat para mahatak score, ang bigat haha

kamusta na canada processing niyo?
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: crzysxycl on June 19, 2018, 07:11:05 pm
^aww, hirap nga kung dapat 8 lahat sa ielts. ECA palang meron ako sis. baka mga august pa ko mag ielts kasi gusto ko makapag review mg mabuti kasi sayang ang bayad kung mababa lang makuha ko. if i may ask, above 35 na ba kayo? May PNPs naman sis para tumaas ang score. Nung isang araw alam ko nag open ang saskatchewan.
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: stupidgal on June 23, 2018, 10:12:21 am
^sis what's PNP?
not yet sis pero almost there na haha, sana kasi naisipan namin to nung bata pa :)
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: kvan on June 23, 2018, 11:12:39 am
^PNP is Provincial Nominee Program
Title: Re: Which is Better AUSTRALIA or CANADA???
Post by: crzysxycl on June 24, 2018, 11:35:00 pm
^^yun sis, sinabi na ni sis kvandenhaak. based sa mga nabasa ko sa ibang forums, pwede magkaron ng additional 600 pts kung may PNP ka and for sure ITA na kasunod nun. Haha, halos same age pala tayo. Kailangan maghabol. :) Kami naisip namin 3 yrs ago kaso lang dami kaganapan kaya namove.