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Title: Bad eating habits + Sedentary to Healthy lifestyle
Post by: mikewazowski on November 15, 2015, 01:52:31 am
Inspire us, food lovers

Share you experiences and how you get out of "bad relationship" with foods. ;D
Title: Re: Bad eating habits + Sedentary to Healthy lifestyle
Post by: hisana on November 15, 2015, 11:28:25 am
I remember this one time, naka-gain ako ng tumataginting na 20 pounds in a matter of months because of stress eating and no proper exercise at all. Pinaka-exercise ko na nung time na yun eh mamasyal sa mall. Otherwise, I led a sedentary lifestyle.

Vanity lang talaga yung nagtulak sa akin to change my ways. Syempre hindi na fit yung karamihan ng clothes ko, and I kept hearing people say ang taba ko na, sayang naman (hay, people). I missed looking and feeling confident (as mababaw as that sounds, that I equate a huge chunk of my confidence to my looks. Bata pa kasi ako nun, LOL). So, slowly I eliminated eating out at inalis ko softdrinks totally. No chichirya, cakes, chocolate--my usual comfort food. I still went to starbucks for my coffee fix, but that's my biggest indulgence na nun. The other high-calorie stuff, I had to give up if I wanted any progress. Had to research new meals to prepare. In a few weeks, I settled on an exercise routine. Light exercise lang muna. Mabagal ang progress, but I got back into my desired shape after a year. Ang tagal, no! It was so hard for me. I've never been the athletic, sporty type even as a kid and, as I mentioned, stress eater ako, so lifestyle change ito.

But I know several people na health scare talaga ang reason nila. They're doing better now. They're maintaining their weight. Sanayan lang din daw. If nasanay ka na hindi na nagso-softdrinks, you won't crave for it as much as you used to. I used to love fries and fried chicken, pero ngayon, I don't order these as much anymore, and I don't feel I'm missing out on anything.
Title: Re: Bad eating habits + Sedentary to Healthy lifestyle
Post by: itcha123 on November 15, 2015, 01:57:45 pm
Sis at least no pork, beef, ang diet namin sa bahay more on fish and vegetables, tapos chicken breast w/o skin pa. And limit all fried foods. My hubby suffered from mild heart attack last month, so dapat very strict ang diet namin. So we included our kids sa aming change diet, even exercise.Nag iipon kami to buy air fryer para kahit paano if craving sa fried food mga kiddo at least no need na to fry in oil.  You must prioritize your health life is too short. God bless.
Title: Re: Bad eating habits + Sedentary to Healthy lifestyle
Post by: Ahim de Famille on November 15, 2015, 08:40:59 pm
Hindi rin maganda ang eating habits ko nun. Madalas ang kainin ko nun mga junk food tsaka fast foods lalo na nung student pa ko. Isama ko narin yung energy drinks na hindi ko alam na malakas din pala magpataba kasi lagi ako duty ng graveyard kaya kelangan gising na gising ako.  Wala rin sa bokabularyo ko mag exercise noon kasi tamad ako at hindi ko alam kung paano ko uumpisahan.
Dati 66 kilos ako. Mataba talaga ako noon.

Ngayon, 12 kilos nabawas sa akin. Kasi nataon na may biggest looser sa short course ko at kusa na ako sumali sa kanila kahit di naman talaga ako kasali dun. Gusto ko na kasi pumayat nun dahil para narin sa health ko at makapag suot din ng mga dress hehe... Ang ginawa ko nag exercise ako nang 1 hour. Sa loob ng 1hour, puro hirap, pagod at sacrifice haha! Ang exercise ko zumba dance and crunches. Pag weekend, nagbibike ako sa labas o kaya swimming. Tapos yung diet ko, yung rice nag umpisa ako sa 1 cup hanggang sa naging 5 spoon nalang. Kaya pumayat ako ng husto. Tapos iwas na ko sa softrinks. Mas nahilig na ko sa green tea kasi nakakabilis nang metabolism yun. Kung kakain man ako sa fast food, sinisigurado ko na tubig lang iinumin ko at hindi softdrink o kaya juice. Naging aware din ako sa calories ng food kaya malaki din nabawas sa weight ko. More on fish, fruit and vegetables nalang ako. Pag nasanay ka naman mag exercise, hahanap hanapin na nang katawan mo yan.
Title: Re: Bad eating habits + Sedentary to Healthy lifestyle
Post by: ataypool on November 15, 2015, 09:35:30 pm
Most of my early life I was skinny like Kim Chiu. Malakas ako kumain lalo na Ferrero Rocher chocolates 16 pieces in one sitting but 30s suddenly my metabolism slowed down, from 52 kilos it went to 62. Hindi na kasi ako naglalakad pag lunch break and of course tumatanda na. Wake up call ko that time mga damit ko hindi na kasya. Exercise uli ako and nagbawas ng rice, so after 6 months back to 52, 9 years ago. 3 years after that I changed jobs and the location has a lot of nice places to eat, so from 55 kilos naging 70. Wake up call ko aside from the clothes not fitting me, when I had to go down stairs and my knees were hurting. Hindi na kaya ng tuhod ko ang upper body weight ko. I'm only 5'2 in height with a 70 kilo weight.

One year to get back to 55 kilos by halving my intake of rice, noon 2 cups ngayon 1 na lang but brown or basmati dapat. I also make sure to have eggs for breakfast para hindi ako mag-crave for sugary treats or if I give in hindi madami. Of course may cravings ako before my period like ramen, salt and pepper squid, Big Mac, and I give in but with ramen, I only eat half of the noodles, with the squid dapat no rice, with Big Mac no french fries. For exercise, brisk walk at lunchbreak, or mat Pilates once a week, gym pag may time, or Youtube videos.

But the ones that made a difference for me to getting back to my ideal weight was eating vegetables and Zumba. In the beginning 2 kilos monthly lang nawala but when I started doing them, 5 kilos agad in one month.
Title: Re: Bad eating habits + Sedentary to Healthy lifestyle
Post by: deliciossa on November 29, 2015, 04:53:48 pm
After ko manganak sa third child ko..sobra ako nag gain ng weight. Akala ko nun when I breastfeed sobrang makakatulong sa weight loss. With my first and second kasi di naman ako tumaba ng sobra. Sabi ko chicken nalang to kasi breastfeeding kami so much easier pa to lose weight. Boy was I wrong! As in. Sa sobrang nakakagutom na mag breastfeed round the clock, I was consuming more than I was supposed to. Lalo sa Milo grabe. Naka 4 glasses ako madalas. Tapos work at home pa ako so it didn't help talaga.

After 3 years, I finally decided to take charge of my health. Di na kaya ng legs and knees ko yung upper body weight ko. I am 5'2" and at the beginning of 2015 I weighed 80kgs. Sobrang taba. Sobrang panget and it just felt super unhealthy. I can't do it abruptly. Else I'd fall back din sa bad habits ko of eating sweets. Yan kasi talaga weakness ko. Cakes and pastries,lalo na chocolates. I then started my usana journey. Now I'm 72kg, lost 8 kgs in 3 months. I'm stepping it up and hope to lose another 7kgs before the year ends. Di nako masyado nag crave, and mabilis na din ako mabusog. Trained na yung tummy ko to only eat a small portion. I'll be starting exercises na din by this week kasi medyo kaya ko na din.

Kaya natin to. All it really takes is the decision to make a change. It doesn't have to be drastic. Kahit slowly basta steady and consistent.
Title: Re: Bad eating habits + Sedentary to Healthy lifestyle
Post by: kaiz on December 08, 2015, 09:42:16 am
Made a few changes sa eating/drinking habits ko:
I don't drink powdered juice anymore and iced teas
As much as possible I drink fresh coconut juice every other day.
I try to eat raw vegetables pag nasa house lang ako
I do yoga na. alone. thanks to youtube.
Title: Re: Bad eating habits + Sedentary to Healthy lifestyle
Post by: Crystalomero on April 12, 2020, 03:27:36 am
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Title: Re: Bad eating habits + Sedentary to Healthy lifestyle
Post by: msdianne on May 15, 2020, 09:49:34 pm
Anyone of you tried Waist Training?
Title: Re: Bad eating habits + Sedentary to Healthy lifestyle
Post by: AnaStann on November 04, 2020, 07:47:29 pm
Did waist training work for you?
Title: Re: Bad eating habits + Sedentary to Healthy lifestyle
Post by: AnaStann on November 05, 2020, 11:35:22 pm
I have set the following rule for myself: do not eat absolutely anything after 8 PM. If I break down, I do penalty squats.
Title: Re: Bad eating habits + Sedentary to Healthy lifestyle
Post by: JuliannGil on March 18, 2021, 03:21:59 am
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