Author Topic: I did hurt my macho pino hubby...  (Read 1436 times)


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I did hurt my macho pino hubby...
« on: January 26, 2018, 06:19:46 pm »
Hello my name is Isabelle. I am sorry for that bad english but as you did guess it's not my native language...

I am married since 1 year with Jarrel, a lovely man I met few years ago in Manila. Now, we are living together in Paris, France. I am 35 years old and he's 29.

Im a beautician, I own a little beauty  center. My hubby is a constructor work and a bit macho (he has been a military there).All is great but with the job and daily things to do I struggle to get some time with my husband. To fix that, we did decide to make some sport together. What was the more complicated was to find a sport that can fit for both of us.(I am overweight) I wanted salsa or a dance sport but he refuses, he wants tennis but i hate racket sport... So finally after hours of search and discussion he proposed me judo. I first refuse it but because I see we were blocked I said ok let's try it...

Finally, after 5 lessons, we both had fun going there. I had the feeling to improve and feel really good practicing. We were on the same club, same training but we had our partner for the "fight part" in the end of the lesson. My hubby tease me always after the lesson on the car saying "so you're not too much tired? It's more tough than painting nails maybe you will loose weight bla bla bla ..."

Last week, my partner was away so just before the fight part my hubby look at me with a "challenging smile". He ask me to try it with him. I am more 10cm taller and outweight him for... 15 kg but he is a man so sure let's do it!

He tease me a bit telling me he'll show me "who's my boss", sure sweat heart... We hang each other kimono and turn around. I pull his sleeve, to the left, to the right, pretty easily. I straighten my leg out and fall on him to the ground. He struggle to escape but I block him and count to 5 (we need to block the opponent 5 sec to win) by holding his both arms... His face was all red and while I help him to get up I can't hide myself from smiling.

Now he seems really focus and we start again. I still smile while he seems really serious. I pull his kimono again and got him the exact same way. On the ground I sit on him and block his arm. I bend its and stare at him asking him "you give you give?". While he struggle and make stranges noises I whisper to his ear "give up dear "miss fatty" got you!", he finally shout "stop" after i bend his arm a bit more. I lick his cheek while the coach didnt look. I get up and prepare for the 3rd round with still a large smile on my face but he walk and sit on a bank, waiting for the end of the lesson...

He asked me to drive and I struggle to not have the bizarre silence that can sometimes happen. He just say nothing and i make a monologue about housework or whatever. Seems that he told me he doesnt want to go there anymore. I laugh a bit at first asking him if it's because I beat him but he answer me aggressivly that no, he just think it's suck.

Seems that, I haven't talk to him about that anymore but he look different, like he worry about something or i don't know. He's so cold with me, never laugh and seems even a bit depress...

I really didn't want to hurt him or whatever and now I don't know how can I fix that.

Do you have an idea?


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Re: I did hurt my macho pino hubby...
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2018, 06:33:37 pm »
probably you hurt his ego by wanting to show you who the boss really is but didn't happened because you won that fight and ashamed to his self because you're stronger than him. It will be alright later on, just show how much you love him and lose some more pounds so that he will win next time in other sport you both will decided to play again.
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Re: I did hurt my macho pino hubby...
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2021, 02:32:46 pm »
Hi. I can feel your pain and the circumstances you are getting through. i wish I could have some idea about this relationship advice but right now, I have other happiness of finding a cure to colorblindness through Color Blind Glasses, I don't feel like a strong advisor but I say that you should try to make him happy.


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