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Title: Companies that offer Expat Package
Post by: J.warner on October 02, 2019, 10:40:52 am
Hi, we are planning to relocate from Sydney to Manila.
Do you know if there are companies that offer expat package for a foreigner to move to the Philippines for work?

May kilala kasi ako VP sa Okada Manila, hes a foreigner pero yung penthouse nya sa Makati + car & driver, etc.. paid ng company. Not that im looking for the same benefits but something that would make us live comfortably in return for his excellent service to the company 😉 hub is 38 yrs old with 15 yrs work experience in risk & banking. Casino companies like Okada is definitely not for him. We are okay for him to get smaller pay but with relocation package sana. Just wondering if you guys can share any insights! Thanks