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Title: Social media, roles and its consequences
Post by: matthewgrace on October 10, 2020, 04:11:19 pm
In recent years, along with the development of society, information technology in general, the internet and social networking sites (social networks) in particular have greatly affected all aspects of social life and daily life. of human. In Vietnam, according to 2018 statistics, the whole country had about 55 million social media users, accounting for about 57% of the population. The commonly used social networks include: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Zalo ...

In fact, the internet and social media sites give users many benefits thanks to the fast, almost instantaneous information speed; rich content, lively and attractive form. If used appropriately and for the right purpose, social networks help each individual effectively exchange information, enter entertainment, and do online business; at the same time, it is also an important information channel contributing to the prompt and prompt delivery of the Party's guidelines and lines, the policies and laws of the State to the people.
However, besides the positive aspects, social media also brings many harms and consequences for each individual as well as the community. For individuals, the abuse of the internet and social networks can lead to dependence, "addiction", affecting the quality of learning, reducing labor productivity, even harming health. human psychology and lifestyle, especially in adolescents and teenagers.
Information on social networks is fast, much but difficult to control, causing users to quickly fall into chaos because of unverified information. Through the social network, those who are reactionary and opposed to the State can easily take advantage of false information, destroying ideas, internally, and execute the plot of "peaceful evolution", causing ethnic conflicts, inciting demonstrations, riots. The flow of bad and toxic information has negative impacts on the ideology of cadres, party members and people; causing confusion, wavering, reducing people's confidence in the Party and State's leadership.
Recently, on social networks appeared a number of pages impersonating senior leaders of the Party, Government as well as agencies and units of the Party and State. Typically, in April 2019, an account appeared on Facebook, "Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam" which gave many false information. On April 3, 2019, on this page, there was a content of press instructions with the title: "The official direction of the Central Propaganda Department on the case of" Kissing a girl in an elevator ". After 18 hours of posting, the post attracted 1,600 comments and nearly 1,000 shares. Many articles with false information aimed at intentionally unfairly directed public opinion have been posted and have been processed by the authorities.
In addition, false information, bad and malicious news also seriously violates the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals; Information appropriation, disclosure of state secrets, personal information disclosure of users as well as criminal activities using high technology also cause serious harm in many aspects and long-term consequences for society. ...
Therefore, the provision of cybersecurity measures, especially on social networks, plays a very important role, is the legal basis for implementing network security protection activities and investigating and handling law violations on cyberspace.
Therefore, the Law on Cyber ​​Security is an important legal basis for preventing, combating and handling illegal activities on cyberspace, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals. ; creating a legal corridor to improve the capacity to protect important information systems on national security, contributing to ensuring sovereignty, security, order and building a safe and healthy environment on cyberspace .
Right in Hung Yen, localities have seriously and drastically dealing with false information related to Covid-19 epidemic. Typically in Tien Lu district, the district police fined VND 12.5 million against Nguyen Thi Diu, born in 1996, living in An Trang village, Trung Dung commune for spreading false information about the epidemic. Covid - 19 to Facebook. Specifically, at 9:29 am on January 31, 2020, Facebook account: Nguyen Thi Diu (powerful woman) posted on her personal page the content: ?Pay attention to the whole family. Do not leave the house from 4 am to 7:30 am tomorrow morning, because governments all over the country pour disinfectant water by plane, please pass notice to each other ?. This content has attracted many likes, comments, and shares. This is false information causing confusion in public opinion about the epidemic situation in the province. Therefore, the police of Tien Lu district issued an administrative penalty decision on Nguyen Thi Diu for the act of providing false information, slandering, misrepresenting the reputation of agencies and organizations. and honor and dignity of individuals.
Through here, we need to be properly aware that spreading false information, causing confusion, is a violation of the law and must be prevented and handled. Freedom of speech on social networks needs to comply with the provisions of law to ensure a civilized, cultural and healthy cyberspace.
In the era of globalization today, each individual needs to always be alert and discerning before each information posted on social networks. For cadres and party members, it is necessary to comply with the Party's Charter and regulations, State policies and laws, to be exemplary, to uphold responsibility to the Party and the people when participating in life activities. living and social media, contributing to protecting and maintaining the leadership and prestige of the Party and State as well as of ourselves in the current open and volatile world.
Title: Re: Social media, roles and its consequences
Post by: Lanitas on May 11, 2021, 06:24:32 am
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