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Wps Setup of the Asus Wifi Range Extender | Router Asus Com Login Setup | Asus Router Com

 The user can easily set up its Asus wifi extender. You can easily set up with the wireless protection set up.
First, the user unpacked its newly buy Asus wifi extender! (

Now you can locate the Asus wifi extender near your Asus wifi router.
You can check the internet is properly working.
After this, you can locate the WPS button on the Asus router and the extender.
The user can connect the Asus wifi extender with the power outlet.
Now you can check the LED light of the Asus extender start blinking.
You can check when the green light starts blinking, it means, now your Asus wifi extender is ready to set up.
After this, you can press the WPS button of the Asus wifi router first, and then you can press the Asus wifi extender  WPS button! (
Now the Led light starts blinking; after a few seconds, it turns into the solid green and red.
Solid Green means your extender and the router is connected and the red means the there is the proper internet signal.
You can place the Asus router and Asus wifi extender in the right place.
Here you can easily use the Asus wifi extender.

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