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Nakita ko yung thumbnail ng vlog na yan pero di ko na pinanood. natotoxican ako dyan kay M.Ely eh.

Nakita ko din sa comments, wala na daw pala si Artista kanila ACz. Sana na compensate siya ng maayos since recipe naman niya karamihan ng menu nung lugawan para sa retirement niya. Mukhang may edad na din kasi eh.

ako naman sis, curious kaya pinanood ko.  Maaga daw syang magpapadischarge sa hospital kasi walang enough na pera. Nairita lang ako sa mga ganon na extravagant kung magregalo pero kulang ang kaban kapag may emergency.
Momentum SIP Trunking

Momentum[url =] SIP Trunk providers[/url] is a reliable service that provides you with toll-free numbers and replaces the traditional network and phones with advanced SIP communications. The platform provides all the requirements of modern enterprises to adopt the logical communication protocol for efficient transmission of voice and data. Momentum SIP Trunking is reducing all vulnerabilities by allowing the phone system to send and receive calls over the Internet to save and scale to meet your needs.
The Political Arena / Re: LENI ROBREDO: From 1% to Vice President
« Last post by TomHansen on Today at 02:08:39 pm »
Congrats twinbee, sobrang successful ng Bayanihan Ekonsulta and even though we didn't win last election salute pa rin sa inyo at sa mga volunteers ng iba pang mga ginawa ni vp Leni, thank you.
We've Got Male! / Why Cenforce is good for erectile dysfunction
« Last post by chloedecker912 on Today at 01:58:00 pm »
The science behind how Cenforce works is simple: It targets a body chemical called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). This chemical naturally occurs in your penis and helps you maintain erections. However, when you?re sexually stimulated, another chemical (called nitric oxide) boosts blood flow to your penis so that you can have a full erection during sex.
^ Yup! OA pero na amazed ako sa pagkaka gawa nya. Now lang ulit ako na amaze sa isang action movie.

Apir sis.
Exercise / Re: Big Tummy
« Last post by domestic diva on Today at 05:14:25 am »
Check also if you have the symptoms of being insulin resistant.
Pets / Re: Hello, me want to adopt dogs with breeds
« Last post by domestic diva on Today at 05:07:56 am »
You can check PAWS  and adopt a dog in need of a loving fur parent ^^
Pets / Re: Your most recent purchase for your pet/s (Thread 2)
« Last post by domestic diva on Today at 05:05:57 am »
Multivitamins, Bayli pet soap, pad, diapers, Vitality, wipes
Lightyear 8/10

watched it with my son and he looked for Woody ;D he loved it but I find the pacing a bit slow

Movies and TV / Re: Favorite movies with a twist ;D
« Last post by Trianna on June 26, 2022, 10:01:41 pm »
The Others
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