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Author Topic: EBAY BOGUS BUYER NIGHTMARE!  (Read 1430 times)


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« on: March 28, 2015, 04:52:29 pm »
Sharing my recent bogus buyer experience which is really a nightmare to warn all sellers most especially in ebay that this really could happen. Here are the details:
  -March 18,2014 a buyer with user id bonggus( real name vincent neco bonggao) pressed the buy it     now button on one of my g-shock watches worth 18,500.00
 -on the same day I sent him a message via his provided mobile number but got no reply 
 -when he did not reply there I sent a message via the ebay messaging system, still no reply.
 - I tried to look up his name in facebook and got  suspicious because he was working in a call center and he has a picture that shows he is wearing an ebay lanyard. Is he a customer service representative of ebay? I contacted the ebay support group and informed them.
 -on March 25,2015 I received a negative feedback from that buyer that only says "sucks"  I replied to that feedback stating that he did not pay nor communicated with me.
 -I immediately filed an unpaid item case on March 25, 2015
 -when I opened the case, he suddenly sent me a message that says cancel the transaction and close the case. Those were his exact words.
 -I didn't close the case because he didn't offer any resolution to the problem. He gave me a negative feedback when it is clear that he didn't have any intentions to pay for my item that's why he has to have an unpaid item strike to prevent him from doing this again.
  -I also contacted ebay to request them to remove the negative feedback but the I reply I got was how to sell my item again and it was seemingly a canned reply.
 -on the morning of March 27, 2015 I got a message from ebay that I closed my case because payment has been made. This came as a shock to me because why would i close the case when payment hasn't been made and he hasn't even contacted me for the payment details. But what's more puzzling was who could have done it? Obviously a person who knows the ins and outs of ebay, a csr perhaps?
 -afternoon of March 27, another email from ebay saying that after investigating my case they already removed the negative feedback. But they also noted that I closed the unpaid item case because payament has been made. So I had to inform them again that I wasn't the one who did that and I haven't received any payment from that buyer and please investigate the matter again.
 - I would have stopped at that had the suspicious manipulation of my account ceased
 but no,it happened again. Since payment has not been received yet, the item is still on the list of items awaiting payment, but  on the night of March 27 it was suddenly out of the items awaiting payment list, it's now on the mark as shipped list! And I received a notice from ebay that my item has been paid, please ship the item.  So how could that have happened again? Was my account hacked? Again I informed ebay so now I'm waiting for their response. I hope they could iron things out ASAP because this has been causing me undue stress.  >:(


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