Thanks to fashion blogs and countless beauty sites, many women are now able to personalize their looks to suit their tastes, skin and body types. But even with encouragement from bloggers and celebs, a lot of women, especially those in their 30s or 40s, are still afraid to make drastic changes for fear of being judged or receiving unsolicited comments like "trying hard si girl" or the ever-annoying "ikaw na!"


While we at FN believe that you shouldn't care about what other people have to say about your looks (and life), we also understand that confidence doesn't develop overnight. So if you want to enhance your appearance without making too many big changes, here are some tweaks you can do to look more elegant and sophisticated right away:


There's nothing wrong with keeping it safe with neutrals and classic cuts. But one way to elevate your look is to add an accessory to accent your minimalist look. 

TRY: Baby Nunchaku earrings, available at Dandy Ona


TRY: Prada Full Metal Temple Evolution, available at Vision Express

TRY: Bvlgari Serpenti, available at Vision Express

Go for structured pieces.

While flowy dresses are gorgeous for brunches and beach weddings, well-tailored pieces can make you look like a boss when you're on-the-go or prepping for a meeting. 


TRY: Weave Pleated Cardigan, P4,995, available at Uptown Mal and Shangri-La Plaza

Prep your skin before applying makeup and choose a hard-working base.

While lipstick and eye makeup can go a long way, those should just be icing on the cake. Make sure you're working with a good canvass by never neglecting skincare and knowing hacks that can keep you makeup looking fresh for longer. 


TRY: Bell HYPOAllergenic Anti-Redness Primer, P999, available at

Be sensitive to how you smell.

Don't forget that we have five senses—it's not just about how you look. Be mindful of your breath and body odor, and don't neglect your tresses as hair easily absorbs smells.

TRY: Human Nature Hair Mist, P249.75, available at Robinsons Department Store


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Keep a kikay kit on hand.

Living in the Philippines means being ready for any type of weather and humidity. Make sure to carry a small kit with you with the essentials: mints, hand sanitizer, oil control film, a small brush, tissue, and maybe a facial spray if you're feeling extra!

TRY: Avene Thermal Spring Water, P585/50mL, available at Watsons

Practice proper social etiquette at all times.

Sophistication is also about how you carry yourself. Even if you're the most awkward person in the room, if you maintain your composure, remain polite and sensitive to other people's needs (even if it's as simple as making sure you're not blocking the way or thanking servers), then you're good to go! Remember, it's always what's on the inside that matters most.

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