Everyone knows that Heart Evangelista has a designer closet that's to die for. And finally, in her latest vlog, the actress and style star has dedicated an entire episode that zooms in on her enviable shoe collection—and as expected, it's jaw-dropping!


While talking about her favorite shoes and professing her undying love for nude pairs in particular, Heart candidly recalls a moment when she found out that a certain local designer had been badmouthing her and constantly dissing her choice of footwear that she repeatedly wears over and over again—that is, her go-to Lady Peep platform pumps in nude from Christian Louboutin.

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"This is the most used shoe in my closet," Heart reveals. "I remember there's this Filipino designer—I'm not going to name [him], but a lot of my friends would tell me he would always say bad things about me. And he would say, 'Oh, she only has one pair. It's already what year and she still uses her Lady Peep nude platforms.'"


Admittedly affected by having heard this, Heart argues that she has different beliefs when it comes to fashion and choosing the pieces that she invests in. 

Heart explains, "It bothered me so much because for me fashion isn't really about who has the pieces from the latest season. Or what's the newest, that's the only thing I'm going to buy. No, fashion is all about having key pieces that will last you forever, that you could still use and mix with your new and old. I think that is fashion and that is self-expression."


The actress further noted how distasteful it is to only care about having the latest designer pieces. "It isn't all about, 'Oh, is it the latest collection?' I really don't believe in that. And I think it's so nouveau riche," she says. 

"Again, fashion is made for a lifetime. It's not just for [a certain] season." And to this, we wholeheartedly agree!

So for some parting words, here's a very sensible piece of fashion advice we've learned today from Heart: "When people tell you, 'Ah, luma na yan! Lumang design,' forget it! The hell with what they say because it's all about how you feel and how good you feel. And if this makes me feel like I'm 5'11" and I can be Miss Universe, then why not? I'm gonna wear them forever, and that's why I decided to keep them!"

Very well said. As always, you do you, Heart!


Watch Heart Evangelista's shoe collection vlog below:

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