We think we're all in agreement when we say that the kind of panties we're wearing is the last thing on our minds when putting together an outfit. We tend to focus more on what's on the outside, right? But, putting on the right pair can totally change the way your outfit looks and fits. You won't have any visible panty lines (VPL) and your undies can even help accentuate your booty or curves!



If you've been buying the same style for years, worry not. We put together a guide on the six kinds of underwear you'll ever need in your closet, plus the clothes you can wear them with. Learn more about them below:

Bikini panties

This classic pair is probably the style you stuck with for so many years, thanks to its comfy design and versatility. It is typically slim on the sides, with ample booty coverage and a waistband that sits on the hips. It gives you just the right amount of support while maintaining a "sexy but modest" look.

Wear them with: Jeans, shorts, skirts, and joggers

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TRY: JOCKEY Women's Bikini Panties (3 per pack), P359.75 on Jockey, P349.75 on Lazada

Hipster briefs

Hipster briefs are also known as hiphuggers, and as the name suggests, the waistband sits on the hips. They come to a couple of inches below the waist and have low-cut leg holes. They go well with almost anythingas long as you're not wearing anything form-fitting.

Wear them with: low- to mid-rise pants and shorts


TRY: UNIQLO Hiphugger, P295 on Uniqlo

Classic briefs

Also known as "granny panties," classic briefs have a high waistband and offer full coverage at the front and back. They might not look the sexiest, but they offer the basic comfort that every girl needs.

Plus, they're also great to wear when it's that time of the month because the coverage will really make you feel secure. They also come in relatively plain designs, so you don't have to worry about staining them.

Wear them with: Flowy skirts, jeans, and shorts, pambahay clothes


TRY: BENCH 3-in-1 Full Panty, P399.75 on Bench and P349.61 on Lazada

High-cut panties

These panties remind us of aerobic exercise videos from the '80s, thanks to their high-cut leg holes. If you're trying to even out the discoloration in your singit (which is totes normal, BTW), you will benefit from wearing this underwear style. The elastic on the leg holes don't cut into your bikini area so that you experience little to no friction at all.

Wear them with: Jeans, shorts, dresses


TRY: BENCH Ladies Hi-Leg Bikini, P239.75 on Bench and Lazada


Boyshorts are modeled after men's briefs, and they take on a more rectangular shape compared to other panties. They are similar to hipster briefs, but the most obvious difference is that boyshorts have a lower-cut leg. In fact, some of them even extend down to the thighs, making them perfect for lounging around the house.

Wear them with: Dresses, skirts


TRY: JOCKEY Skimmies Slip Short, P649.75 on Jockey


    Seamless panties

    If your main concern is VPL, seamless panties are your new best friend. Other than not having to deal with annoying marks from elastic bands, they're a lot gentler on your skin, too. They won't cause friction in your bikini area, which prevents discoloration in the singit.

    Wear them with: Tight skirts, bodycon dresses, leggings


    TRY: UNIQLO Airism Ultra Seamless Shorts, P390 on Uniqlo


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