Those who belong to the league of curly girls, top-billed by women such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, blessed be thee because you've got curves to flaunt. However, there is such a thing as doing it moderately and, well, showing too much of what your mama gave you. To keep your poise and elegance intact while showcasing your killer curves, follow our simple rules below.

Do not bare it all.

When you’re flashing your cleavage, it’s best not to wear skimpy bottoms. There is such a thing as showing too much. Flashing your boobies and legs at the same time can be your one-way ticket to looking like a streetwalker. Also, if one wrong move is enough to explose your underwear, drop the idea. No one needs to see your hoohas.

Thongs and bra straps are not fashion statements.
Your thong may be worth a half-month’s salary, but that doesn’t give you the license to show it to everyone. This also goes the same way for bra straps. We’ll be blunt: It can look trashy! Lingerie is meant to be undercover, but you can go the stylish route of wearing lingerie in public here.

Cleavage is okay, but in the right doses.
We love cleavage, we really do. But when there is too much breast exposed, say, only a third of your chest is covered, then you’re putting yourself at risdk for overexposure.

Tight is not automatically sexy.
Booty-hugging clothes will always be hot (Hello, J.Lo!), but when you slip into something that is too small, you will only emphasize the lady lumps you want to cover, and possibly cut off your body’s blood circulation. Pick clothing that fits you well. Don't be bothered if a medium falls on your body better than a small, it’s a just a label, honey. A properly-fitted garment makes you look put together and classier.

PHOTO: Instagram @Kim Kardashian; @Jennifer Lopez

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