Shopping may be a pleasant experience for many women—experts didn't coin the term retail therapy for nothing—but that doesn't mean all shoppers behave the same way. Read on to see which one describes you best.

The Enabler
This friend will gladly tell you that you look like a star in that cutout bondage dress you adore but don't have any idea where to wear. She constantly empowers you, which can sometimes help, but there are times when you wished she talked you out of purchasing that red leather skirt.

The Bargain Hunter
This shopper specie can sniff out the sale racks in the entire store like a predator hunting its prey. She knows by heart when sale season begins and vows to never buy anything in full price.

The Thrill-Seeker
Also more popularly labeled as the impulsive shopper, she gets the ultimate high whenever she shops. She strongly believes in the concept of retail therapy, yet she finds herself wallowing in regret when she realizes that her shopping finds alone will not enrich her life.

The Big Spender
Oh, this one either has a bottomless bank account or she's constantly having trouble paying off her credit card bill. She thinks Zara is a haven for lounge wear (a.k.a. pambahay), and worships designer brands like Alexander Wang and Chloe.

The Involuntary Partner
The exact opposite of The Enabler, this breed of shopper can also come in the form of a boyfriend. He rejoices whenever he spots a couch in a store, and entertains himself with his smartphone as he waits for his girl to finish 'looking' for that perfect pair of jeans.

The Shark
This one is quite a toughie. This shopper lurks around her target item for days, pondering if it's really worth buying. She's not one to buy on impulse because she believes that if an item is meant to be hers, it will still be on the shelves on the day she finally decides to buy it.

The Online Shopper
She relishes the idea of shopping while snuggling in her bed, in the dead of the night, or during lunch break. The abundance of shopping websites and Instagram shops has turned her laptop and tablet into a virtual mall.

The Unhappy Customer
You can usually find her speaking (or arguing) with the manager about her dissatisfaction with an item or a service. She holds on to the doctrine that the customer is always is right.

The Approval-Seeker
She can never purchase clothes, shoes, or any accessory without the approval of a friend, mom, or sales lady. She needs all the support she can get.

The Expert
She casually injects facts about the latest runway trends in a conversation, and how they were copied by your favorite retailer. She can be a cool fashionista consultant, but sometimes, you just don't care about what the next big thing in fashion is—you just want to buy a freaking white shirt!

The Hogger
She spends a lifetime in the fitting room because she tries on almost half of the store. Shopping for her is an experience, so rushing is never an option.

The Lucky Duck
She must have a deep connection or friendship with the fashion gods because she always manages to score the exact items she has in her head. Whether it's that elusive Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag or those hard-to-get Adidas Stan Smith sneaks, this girl can just wish upon a star and get what she wants!

PHOTO: VISITFLANDERS/Flickr Creative Commons

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