1. Set a budget.
Every payday, set aside a percentage for your wardrobe allowance—but this doesn't mean that you need to buy a new piece every month. Wait until your funds grow to a decent amount before going on shopping. This way, you will have more moolah to spend on items made of higher quality. Also, this technique allows you to have budget during sale season!

2. Cut out on unncessary expenses.

You already know this: Your daily fancy coffee is causing a dent in your savings—you have to scrimp on little luxuries you can live without. Other great examples to kick out of your expense list? Mani-pedi sessions and fast food meals! You'll be surprised with the thousands of pesos you'll be saving in a month by foregoing things you can do by yourself. Paint your own nails and bring your own baon.

3. Figure out your signature style
A key step in building a sophisticated wardrobe is know your signature look first, and then add elegant touches by tweaking details. For example, if you're a more pants type of girl, focus on establishing a collection of well-made trousers, denim jeans, and culottes. To add feminine flair, put on a dressy blouse and a pair of pointed flats. And for the ladies who feel more confident in skirts, grab styles that will flatter your figure. Make things more interesting by picking one with a luxe fabric or texture.

4. Choose quality over quantity
When it comes to having a classy wardrobe, it's key to own several classic pieces with superior quality than to have many cheap, fast-trend options. It's better to spend P5,000 on a pair of genuine leather shoes than to spend P450 each on shoes that will be tossed in a few months because they're broken or not uso anymore.

5. Be familiar with the qualities of a worth-it buy
Just because it's expensive doesn't automatically means it's a quality purchase. Check the garment tag to see what type of fabric it's made of. Natural fibers like cotton, silk, and wool improve better over time. compared to synthetic ones like polyester and spandex.

Inspect the stitching of the item. Was it well done? Do you see any snags or holes? Are the buttons sewn properly? More importantly, pay attention to how it fits your body. Again, fit is everything—when a garment is too big, it will emphasize unwanted curves. Anything too tight, on the other hand, can look cheap and tacky. When buying bags and shoes, always remember that genuine leather is lasts longer than synthetic leather. We give a more detailed guide on how to shop better here.

6. Plan it out.
There is no need to rush to fill your closet with quality investment pieces. Take your time and work with your current budget. Building a classy work wardrobe is a process—eventually, you will master the art of spending while improving your signature style.

PHOTO: Instagram @kimcamjones; GIFS: Giphy

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