Stylewise BlairIn just two short weeks, the always stylish, ever scandalous Gossip Girl is coming to a close. Does anybody else feel like their youth is now officially over?

I kid, I kid. It’s been six long seasons, after all—and the last two have seemed the absolute longest for me. All these winding plot points, meddlesome new love interests, and the fact that the show seems bent on keeping Chuck and Blair apart against reason have caused a wane in my once-avid interest. Truth be told, I’m hardly caught up on what’s going on in season six, save for the bare bones. (B is trying to win C back, once and for all, before GG pulls the plug—am I right?)


But while I may not keep close tabs on the plot, I still have my eye on Queen B, who will always and forever be my favorite character. She plots and plans while dressed to the nines, pulls off sexy and confident without showing too much boob (sorry Serena!), and has one of the best vocabularies (and taste in lipstick) on TV. There’s also the fact that I have a girl-crush on Leighton Meester—love her—but that’s beside the point.

In this 10-episode wrap-up, Blair (and everybody else) is looking chicer than ever, and I suppose that’s part of the hook for this last hurrah. The show’s stylists have slid her into adorable dresses and skirts, luxurious tops, eye-catching heels—and yes, those headbands are back with a vengeance. No bows here, though—the queen’s new hair bling is grown-up and glam.

With all the Christmas madness upon us, I thought I’d bid Blair an advanced adieu with a little fashion tribute. Filming on the last episode wrapped in October, but the great thing about her outfits is that they fall right in with the holiday spirit. Go on, use them as a guide for your party get-ups, and take for your Yuletide motto what Blair has always abided by as her fashion code: less is not more. XOXO, B!

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SPOILER ALERT: I suspect congratulations are in order by the looks of the finale teasers (see top photo!) but I’ll hold that thought and cross my fingers for two more weeks.

(All photos courtesy of The CW)

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