Stylewise Back to BronzeYou know it’s summer when all your girlfriends spent the last weekend scattered across various Philippine beaches in their bikinis as you languished over self-inflicted extra work. Or was that just me? All right, it was my own doing—I’m a workaholic through and through. Unfortunately, that also means I’m practically the only one left without a perfect tan to tick off my to-do list. And the way I see it, summer isn’t quite summer without a caramel complexion to match!

The changing of the meteorological guards is our cue to bring our pelts out from hibernation. This is the time to shed the layers, to shake off our inhibitions, and to flaunt our personal acreage of healthy, golden skin. I guess you could call it the blessing—and sometimes, the curse—of living in the tropics: the hot season is always right around the corner, whether you welcome it (like I do) or not.

Let’s say you do love summer—heat and all—and you happen to be one of those lucky ladies who’ve locked down their tan lines (jealous!). I’m guessing your next order of business goes something like this: what, oh, what to wear to ensure your glow doesn’t go to waste?

Personally, whenever I’m freshly tanned, my first step is to break out the whites. Little white dresses, twirly white skirts, white blazers if I need to look sharp, or even that one beloved, super comfortable, plain white tee every girl owns and over-abuses. Leave it to the natural contrast to boost your dusky skin tone—it always works for me.

But white isn’t as universally flattering as black, and I know a lot of women who shy away from it for fear of its bloating effects. In which case, I have a few other tricks up my sleeve! Check out these great outfit options, as worn by five showbiz stylephiles who’ve made sun-kissed skin a default setting. Read on, and tell me if these styling tips work for you! Until then, you’ll probably catch me squeezing in a little pool action (Lord knows I need the Vitamin D).

(In-article photo courtesy of Plains & Prints; all watermarked photos by Mike Dee, unless otherwise stated.)



Neons have a reputation for not being for the faint of heart, but you’ll be surprised at how ladylike they can translate. More importantly, these electric shades illuminate a great tan. Take your cue from the positively glowing Iza Calzado, whose color-blocking dress fires up her burnished skin.

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So you’re wary of white? Team it with its style soul mate, black, and you have a winning combination on your hands. Bronze skin pops against the stark white context, but the black elements reel in the silhouette and prevent it from widening your figure. Try it Joey Mead King’s way, with a strategically constructed jumpsuit that hits all the right spots, curve- and complexion-wise.



I was never a girl who liked pink—truth be told, I kind of hated it. But last month, after much prodding from an insistent salesgirl, I reluctantly tried on a deep fuchsia dress—and wonder of wonders, I loved it! The rich hue made my skin look as though I had just been to the beach the day before—even though I hadn’t seen seawater since December. Needless to say, that pink dress now hangs in my closet. I’ve come to realize that finding the right shade of fuchsia is just as important as finding the right shade of red—it can be tricky at first, but once you settle on the hue that was made for you, you’re set. Take this outfit on Bianca Gonzalez—the hot pink number makes her skin look luscious!

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Tap into your inner earth mamma with the colors of nature, like rustic brown, forest green, and ocean blue. These colors have a warming effect on sunned skin, and the best part is that they’re built for everyday wear. This earth-toned look on Laureen Uy is chic yet effortless—and it shows you a good deal of her natural tan, thanks to the leg-show.



I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: nude heels are a girl’s best friend. They make your legs look long and lean and they go with practically any outfit under the sun. Best of all, there isn’t just one shade of nude—think: beige, camel, taupe, oyster—and the list goes on. Point is, the deeper your tan, the darker the shade of nude shoe to try. Here, Pia Guanio-Mago’s pumps match her sun-kissed complexion down to the last degree, stretching her summer glow “from H to T,” as Tyra Banks says.

(Photo by Jico Joson of

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