In your lifetime, it's inevitable that you'll spill nail polish on a table, couch, skirt or bag. But just because you've got a lacquer casualty doesn’t mean you have to live seeing (and regretting) the stain. With items you readily have at home, you can easily reverse the damage ASAP. Scroll down to see our low-cost solutions that really work!

On your hair
As odd as this may sound, it does happen. You could have just finished painting your nails, remembered you forgot to do something, and end up scratching your head in reflex. The result: unwanted colored streaks on your locks. Don't ever use nail polish remover to take the polish off your strands unless you’re okay with them getting chemically fried. Instead, soak a cotton ball in coconut oil or any vegetable oil and glide it on the hair to remove the lacquer.

On wood:
Nasty spills or smears on the table can be frustrating, especially when you’re almost done with your manicure. However, you need to hold off on the nail polish remover because it can break down your furniture's wooden surface. What you should do is wipe the stain off while it’s still fresh or saturate it with hairspray for 20 seconds before cleaning it.

On clothes:
This one is tricky. Nail polish remover can react to fabric and dyes, so it’s best to do a spot test first. If it does lift off the stain, continue applying the remover, but make sure to launder it immediately. You may also try to spritzing hairspray on the affected area, tweezing out the flakes, and throwing it in the washer to remove the stain.

On leather:
Another toughie! Leather can break down when used with harsh nail polish removers. Erase the accident by blotting it with a napkin drenched in isopropyl alcohol and placing it on the stained surface. Once you’re done, mix 1:2 white vinegar and olive oil, dip a toothbrush in the solution, and scrub off the smear. Remember to give some TLC to your bag or couch by treating it with leather conditioner after cleaning it.

Ed’s Note: If nothing works, a professional cleaning service will always be your best bet.

PHOTO: Instagram @nail.insanes

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