We’re pretty sure you’ve been there before. Everything’s fine and dandy, then whoops! Red wine spills on your perfectly tailored pants! Or what about that one time you got spaghetti sauce on your blazer right before a client presentation?

Seriously, we know it sucks. That’s why we’ve done the research and copped these quick fix tips from stylists (who else know better in addressing wardrobe dilemmas in a jiffy?) so you’ll never have to go through the humiliation of a big ugly stain on your clothes again.


The culprit: Red wine

Chances are, you were in a party or a little get-together when this happened. If that’s the case, the easiest solution is to dissolve pigments of the red-colored alcohol with a clear one. Pour over white wine, gin, vodka or any clear alcohol solution with a higher proof than red wine to remove the stain.

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The culprit: Chocolate powder

Got too excited about that cup o’ hot chocolate? If you spilled chocolate powder on yourself or any dry stain, you can remove it with the help of a bit of shaving cream. The foamy texture works wonders in picking off the dry stain. Just flatten it against the affected area and wash off.

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The culprit: Stain that can’t be washed

If your clothing got stained while you’re rushing to a meeting, you can’t just go in the conference room with a visible damp spot on your clothes! If you’re wearing cotton, woven, or rough-textured fabric, you can hide the stain with chalk or baby powder until you can wash it properly.

The culprit: Tomato sauce

Scrape off any surface stain then blot it out with a few drops of vinegar. If that doesn’t work, try washing it off with a drop of dishwashing liquid. Don’t forget to always use clear soap as much as possible!



The culprit: Lipstick

For greasy stains like lipstick, you can remove it by soaping it gently with dishwashing liquid and rinsing it off. If you can’t get your garment wet, coat the stain with hairspray, let sit for five minutes, then blot it out with a damp cloth.


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The culprit: Gum or candle wax

This is a bit tricky to remove than other dry or wet stains. First, rub an ice cube to freeze the gum or wax then chip it off gently with a plastic knife or spoon. Then stretch the fabric over a bowl and pour hot water over the stain.


The culprit: Coffee

Coffee is our favorite waker-upper – but not if it’s spilling on our clothes!  Get rid of that coffee stain with a sponge soaked in warm detergent water. Dab on it until the stain is gone.



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The culprit: Stains that have set-in

Stains almost always have to be addressed as soon as possible so they don’t do permanent damage to the fabric. However, if doing so had slipped your mind, try soaking the stain in vinegar for at least thirty minutes then applying a paste made of equal parts baking soda and vinegar. Leave it for another thirty minutes then gently wash off with water.


The culprit: Ink 

Who hasn’t had a leaking pen at least once in her life, right? Ink can be incredibly difficult to wash off if you don’t attend to it right away. Place a clean towel underneath the garment and treat the stain with hairspray.  Let it set for at least five minutes then wash off with mild detergent (for white fabrics, you can use bleach). If you can’t wash it yet, just blot out the stain with a damp towel but be careful that the ink doesn’t spread! Soaking the ink stain in milk overnight can also do wonders.

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