Although still limited, plus-size clothing is more available now, with the market offering more than a few gems that plus-size fashionistas or soon-to-be fashionistas can take advantage of. So, if you are just starting to explore the wonderful-yet-somehow-complicated-and-daunting world of plus-size fashion, here are some tips to guide you.

Be relentless, try all brands.
Although most popular brands like Forever 21, H&M, and Maldita are

offering their own plus-size line, you should try other brands as well. There are also a handful of Instagram online shops that offer plus-size clothing.

Try everything on, and don’t be fooled by the
sizing chart.
An XL in one store might be an XXL in another one. If all else fails, there is always your
seamstress. You would really benefit from having one that knows how to play with your curves. Always wear clothing that is true to your size because anything too small or big will not benefit your figure.

Experiment, experiment, experiment.
If you haven’t defined your own personal style by now,
do not fret. Experiment on different looks and colors until you find the style that fits your personality the most. Also, being sexy does not mean showing skin. You can be sexy by going for curve-hugging clothes that show off your voluptuous silhouette.

Don’t be a Tita. Well, not yet.
A word of caution: Shopping for plus-size clothes that are
fashionable and fit you perfectly is just like going on a treasure hunt. It's easier to fall prey to buying those tita outfits (think floral polos or straight-cut pants) that are more accessible than pieces that are more fashionable. If they're not your style, be more patient in looking for your next wardrobe.

Look for inspiration everywhere.
There are dozens of plus-size bloggers out there already.
Follow their blogs and Instagram accounts to know what would work with those luscious thighs or hips. These bloggers can also show you tips and tricks on how to work with areas that you are not the most comfortable with. For starters, try following Gabi Fresh. She is one of the pioneers of the plus-size fashion blogs.

Wear clothes for your happiness, not for the approval of others.
When choosing what to
wear, think of how you would feel when out in it. Clothes should make you feel happy and make you feel you can conquer the world. It does not matter if that outfit is a sleeveless dress or a crop top, as long as you feel confident in it. Do not think about what others might think about your outfit. As long as you are decent and what you are wearing is appropriate enough, who cares
what others think.

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